Tips & Tricks: Updating a Smartstore Shop
Mittwoch, 29. April 2020

Tips & Tricks: Updating a Smartstore Shop

Update of a Smartstore Shop

Updating a Smartstore shop is not difficult if you follow the corresponding update instructions.

How do I know if an update is necessary?
There are several ways to find out if an update is necessary. Via a notification in the shop backend, a post in the community or an update mail from Smartstore.

How do I get the update?
The latest shop version can always be downloaded under the following link:

You can check the shop for current versions in the shop backend under System -> System information. If an update is available, the new features and a corresponding download link are displayed there.

Attention: You should always update from the previous to the next version if possible. Update jumps such as from 2.6.0 to 3.2.2 should be avoided. The previous shop versions can be downloaded under the following link.

How do I perform the update?

The update is done using the following steps:

  1. Creation of a complete (database + file system) shop backup.
    Depending on whether you have rented your own server or whether you have booked Windows hosting, there are different options available for creating the backup.

    Copy the complete shop directory in the file explorer and save it to a different location. The shop database will be backed up with MS SQL Server Management Studio.

    Download and save the complete shop directory with an FTP program such as Filezilla. The shop database can be backed up with appropriate tools of the Windows host. If you have any questions, please contact the service provider of the Windows hosting directly.

    Before you start the update and delete the old shop files, please execute the task "Delete guest users" in the admin area under "System -> Scheduled tasks".
    If you previously saved media in the database, please change this to "File System". You will find the settings under "Configuration -> Settings -> Media".

  2. Unless there are special instructions in the update instructions, delete all shop files and directories, except for the Media, AppData, Exchange (Media and Exchange do not always have to be present).
    Attention: If individual code changes have been made in the files "_user.scss" or "_custom.scss", these files must be backed up and restored after the update. The same applies to possible favicon or other files which are not part of the shop system and are located in the shop root.

  3. Unzip the downloaded update and copy it completely into the shop directory.
    Always overwrite existing files.

  4. If additional external plug-ins or plug-ins have been purchased from the Marketplace, copy them (updated version) into the plug-ins directory.
    You must not use outdated plugin versions for an update.

  5. After completion of the copying process, reopen the shop in the browser.

  6. If an error message is displayed the first time the shop is opened, follow the steps below:
    - Open the web.config file in the shop root directory in a text editor.
    - Search for "numRecompilesBeforeAppRestart" in the file and change the value "251" (or similar) to "252" (or similar).
    - Open the shop in the browser.
    - Undo the changes.
    - Open the shop in the browser again.

  7. Go to Plugins -> Manage Plugins in the admin area, click on the button "Edit" in the upper right corner and update the language resources for the plugins.

  8. Additional languages installed in the shop can be updated under Configuration -> Regional Settings -> Languages.

  9. The update is now completed.
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