Smartstore Roadmap

Hier informieren wir Sie über unsere aktuellen Projekte und kommenden Veröffentlichungen.

Q1 2023

Smartstore with PWA features

Smartstore shops will be able to access smartphone hardware without the use of external frameworks such as MAUI and thus, for example, scan barcodes or request location data.

Q1 2023

Smart Vending & Automated Retail

Smartstore builds interfaces to automated shopping facilities for retailers and vending machines.

Q1 2023

Zettle connectivity

Zettle card readers allow anyone to take card payments - anytime, anywhere, while our intuitive and free Zettle Go app helps you get paid, track your sales and keep track of your inventory.

Q2 2023

CrefoPay Plugin (Core)

CrefoPay offers a simple interface for webshops to integrate a variety of payment options by performing only one integration with the CrefoPay system. The integration with CrefoPay extends to the various shop processes and systems from webshop to warehouse to accounting.

Q2 2023

Sendinblue Plugin

Sendinblue is the digital all-in-one toolkit for online marketing. Sendinblue offers email marketing as well as social media advertising, landing pages, transactional emails, SMS or chat.

Q3 2023

Marketplace / Multi Vendor Edition

The first preparations for the Marketplace resp. Multi Vendor Edition have just started. The release is planned for the third quarter of 2023.

Rolled out features

December 2022

Stripe by pathway solutions

Would you like to increase your conversion rate not only domestically but also abroad? This is no problem with Stripe. With over 100 currencies and numerous payment methods included, nothing stands between your business and new markets worldwide.

December 2022

LINK Mobility

LINK Mobility offers a Cloud Communications Platform as a Service. With LINK Mobility's solutions, calls, SMS, MMS, RCS and emails can be sent and received directly from Smartstore.

Q3 2022

Migration to ASP.NET Core

We will migrate Smartstore from ASP.NET to the more modern ASP.NET core and release it as Smartstore 5.

ASP.NET Core 6 is a cross-platform open source framework from Microsoft for building modern Web applications. Among many other advantages of ASP.NET Core, we expect faster and more convenient development. 

Right now, Smartstore 5 Core is available for download since March 2022 as beta release on Windows/MSSQL, Linux/MySQL, MacOS and Docker.

We have completed porting most of our commercial plugins to Smartstore 5. Few (like Web API 5) are in progress to end of 2022.

After the complete release of ASP.NET Core based Smartstore 5, we will continue the development of Smartstore as usual with new great features.

Stay tuned and look forward with us to the upcoming Smartstore releases!

  • New features, APIs, runtime improvements
  • Performance
  • Side-by-Side deployment of different .NET Core versions
  • Self-contained applications
  • And more
October 2022

5.1 Core New Features

From October 2022, the following new features will be available in Smartstore 5:

  • Google Remarketing Plugin
  • File Manager Plugin
  • GiroCode Plugin
  • QR-Code Generator interface
  • Barcode Integration
  • PayPal Checkout
  • see the full schedule
October 2022

Mollie Payment Plugin (Core)

The payment service provider mollie offers shop operators the choice of integrating all important payment methods into their own online shop with just one contractual partner.

October 2022

Ideal PAY (Core)

Ideal PAY gives you the ability to accept international customer payments securely and easily. Whether you want to process payments for products, services, tickets or donations, ideal PAY makes it possible with a choice of flexible self-service tools.

September 2022

TeamViewer Engage

The integration of the TeamViewer Engage customer engagement platform to Smartstore as a plugin provides customers with a personalized customer experience that is on par with a face-to-face meeting. Read more about this topic in this blog post.

September 2022

Smartstore Content Translation (MVC & CORE)

With Smartstore Content Translation you can translate all your content, including page builder, news, blog, product descriptions and more, into almost any language.

The award-winning AI translator DeepL and Google Translator guarantee accurate and euphonious translations. Read more on the blog.

July 2022

SAP Business One ERP Plugin (MVC)

Synchronizes SAP Business One with the Smartstore. With the plugin, sales processes of any complexity can be mapped. User-defined tables (UDT) / fields (UDF) as well as objects in SAP Business One can be freely mapped in the synchronization. The plugin works equally well with SQL and with Hana.

June 2022

Smart Shopping Assistant (MVC & CORE)

The Smartstore Smart Shopping Assistant routes the customer to the appropriate product by means of targeted questions to the customer and intelligent processing of the answers.

The plugin is complete and in internal testing now. It will be available soon in Marketplace as a commercial plugin.