Frequently asked questions

General questions

Yes, you can set up as many shops as you like. This function is called multishop operation and is already available from the "Community Edition" can be used free of charge. So you can operate several different shops with only one Smartstore installation.x

Yes, each individual shop can be individually adapted in the multishop environment and use different themes, among other things.

Only from the "Premium Edition" onwards can all purchased commercial plug-ins (from SmartStore AG) for multishops be used multiple times.

Otherwise, plug-in licenses must be purchased for the editions "Community" and "Professional" for each shop.

The following applies: 1 Shop-URL = 1 Plug-In license.

Do you have a support contract? then we take care of the installation of all major and minor updates on your web server. Of course, you can also perform them yourself: First - to avoid possible data loss - create a backup of the file system and the database. Then copy the current file package to your web server and call up your store in the browser. The data migration will now run fully automatically.

Community Edition

Yes, the "Community Edition" is Open Source and therefore open source and completely free to use and extend. For the editions "Professional", "Premium" and "Enterprise" a paid license is required.

No, these plug-ins are exclusive components of the licensed Smartstore Editions.

No, these plug-ins are exclusive components of the Smartstore Editions subject to license and therefore cannot be purchased individually. This also applies to all other Pro/Plug-Ins.

Premium Edition

Yes, you may use all plug-ins of the "Premium Edition" within your Smartstore instance in multi-shop operation in as many shops as You like.

Enterprise Edition

No, with the "Enterprise Edition" the "Platinum Support" is an integral part

Yes, Power BI is a cloud service from Microsoft that enables you to visualize business data. Your data is evaluated and displayed in real time in a self-service process.

Yes, the Enterprise Edition includes the complete source code of all included plug-ins.

No, the respective licenses are only valid for one Smartstore instance (completed unit).

Smartstore instance (self-contained unit) is an installation of Smartstore on exactly one web server and one database, which is referenced by this installation. It does not matter whether the database server in which this database on the web server or - for load sharing purposes - on an external server. In a Cloud environment the condition applies equivalently. Each additional SmartStore instance requires a new license, which can be purchased from SmartStore AG can.

Smartstore as a rental model (Premium Flat Edition)

No, the "Premium Flat Edition" is a rental model. This means that you do not purchase a license, but only a right of use and can thus use the "Premium Flat Edition" via the Use contract period. In the event of termination, all Pro/Plug-Ins will be deactivated. In this case you can continue to work with the "Community Edition" and your purchased Marketplace Plug-Ins.

You cannot resell the "Premium Flat Edition" because you have only rented the license. But if you plan to sell your shop as a whole, this is no problem. The buyer only has to sign a new contract for the "Premium Flat Edition". Alternatively, the "Premium Edition" can also be can be purchased once.

No, in the "Premium Flat Edition" our extensive "Platinum Support" is included.


We inform you about roadmaps and release dates either by e-mail directly, by newsletter or via our Community.

No, Minor-Updates within the same Software version are free of charge (e.g. from version 3.1 to version 3.2)

Major updates to a higher software version are subject to a fee, as a new license is required (e.g. from version 3.2 to version 4.0).

Version 4 of Smartstore will include the following new features:

  • New rights system (hierarchical) for users/customer groups
  • Rule Builder
  • Media Manager
  • Dimension/area calculation for products
  • Personalized product recommendations

Server environment

No, Smartstore is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework and therefore requires a Windows Server to run. In the medium term, we will migrate Smartstore to .NET Core, so that Smartstore will then also run on Linux servers.

If you only use the "Community Edition", you can install and use Smartstore as often as you like. However, if you use one of the licensed editions such as "Professional", "Premium", "Premium Flat or "Enterprise", the respective Plug-Ins of the Editions can only be used in one instance. For each additional instance you need an additional license.

Yes, Smartstore can be installed and operated on any cloud system such as Microsoft Azure. However, multi-instance operation is only possible with the "Enterprise Edition", because only this one contains all necessary components and is webfarm-compatible. However, if you only want to outsource your media to the cloud, the "Premium" or "Premium Flat", which includes the "Azure BLOB Storage" module is included.


Phone support is only available from "Platinum Support". With "Silver" and "Gold" you have an online helpdesk with ticket system is available.

Yes, the "Platinum Support" includes a so-called "Emergency Support", where within 30 minutes within the service hours is being helped. In case of serious problems, e.g. if you can no longer access the backend or your shop is no longer accessible, you can ask this Use help.

No, we do not offer separate support contracts for plug-ins. Support for the plug-ins developed by SmartStore is available in your Support contract already included.

If you do not have a support contract, you can ask your question in our forum, so SmartStore or the Community help.

Yes, the support contract is valid for 12 months and can be cancelled in writing up to one month before the end.

Yes, starting with "Platinum Support" we also provide support for in-house developments. It should be noted that we only advise you and provide do not develop directly for you.

Support and service hours (SSZ) of the Smartstore are:
Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 17.00 (UTC+1)

on working days (outside public holidays) in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.


If the purchased plug-in comes from a Smartstore partner or another Smartstore user, the support request must always be made directly to the respective developer. Alternatively, you can also post the question in our forum put.

Yes, the exclusive subject of the contract is the purchase of the current version of the plug-in. Subsequent versions (major releases) are not subject matter of the contract and must be purchased again. This applies to Plug-Ins from Smartstore and from third parties. In the Marketplace you can download the latest version of the plug-in for your Smartstore version.

If SmartStore AG is the manufacturer of the plug-in, we will correct any errors in the plug-in. SmartStore AG is not liable for plug-ins from other providers. Any support or complaints must be addressed directly to the Clarify the manufacturer of the plug-in.

No, all Pro/Plug-Ins can only be purchased in conjunction with the respective edition. You can find more details under Editions & Prices.


No, we do not restrict you in any way when choosing your hosting provider. What is important for your choice is that the one selected web server meets the system requirements.

Yes, that's no problem. You only have to tell us your test-URL and we will activate the shop in the desired edition in the Rule for 30 days off.


No, the license fees for the "Professional" and "Premium" editions are only due once per version. With the purchase you receive the license right for the current version of Smartstore. For the next major release you need a new license.

With the "Premium Flat Edition" these one-time license costs are omitted and are already included in the rent. Even if you change the version, you will not have to expect any further license costs with the "Premium Flat Edition".

For the Enterprise Edition, the annual fee covers the license fee. As long as the contract is active, no license fees are charged for new versions.

Yes, you can sell your license anytime, as long as the editions "Professional" or "Premium" are concerned. This can be registered with us free of charge to the new owner. However, you must prove the deletion of your instance to SmartStore AG by submitting a declaration of destruction. The support contract cannot be resold in such a case. It ends with the date of the declaration of destruction. The new owner can register a new support contract with us according to his wishes.

No, customizations and code changes remain your property and do not have to be published or distributed.

No, you can change or adapt the source code of all Pro/Plug-Ins you receive. Your Enterprise License (EULA) remains unaffected, it only applies to the code we provide. However, we grant you the right not only to modify the basic software and the free OS/Plug-Ins, but also to create derivative works of these to create.

Yes, we will provide you with the source code of the Pro/Plug-Ins on request, if you have „Enterprise Edition“ license.

With the Community Edition all updates are provided free of charge.

For the "Professional" and "Premium" editions, updates are subject to a charge.

For the "Premium Flat Edition" and the "Enterprise Edition" updates are inclusive.