Plug-in: Azure Blob Storage
Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Plug-in: Azure Blob Storage

Shop owners often ask themselves: how can I further increase the performance of my web store? One way is to take the delivery of large files such as images and videos away from an own web server and move them to the cloud.

The Smartstore Azure Blob Storage module allows you to do just that. It stores all of your store's media files in the "Azure" cloud instead of local server hard drive or Smartstore store database.

Azure BLOB Storage is a highly successful cloud service from Microsoft.


  • As an Azure customer, you can store unstructured data as objects or blobs in the cloud.
  • As a Smartstore customer you have the Smartstore Azure plugin included starting with Premium Edition. The "Microsoft Azure Services" plugin in Smartstore will link your Azure BLOB Storage for you as a new storage for your media files.

This takes the load off your Smartstore store server, because the data is no longer coming from its storage, but from the Azure cloud. Best of all, store owners don't have to worry about anything except the one-time initial setup of an Azure account. Of course, we will support you during setup and operation, as part of an ongoing support contract or store rental (flat).


The advantages of Azure Blob Storage are:

  • Nearly unlimited capacity: plenty of room for your data, more than on a common store server.
  • Completely scalable: storage expansions are easily possible without the need for technicians to adjust the system.
  • Only used memory is paid. Thus ideal in the start-up and growth phase of a store project.
  • Faster response times thanks to lower latencies,
  • Faster data transfer and thus
  • SEO bonus points with search engines
  • Higher data security, resilience

Blob Storage meets the demanding high-throughput requirements of store operators while providing the scalability needed to support the storage of many huge media files, which is, after all, much more common thanks to integrated smartstorevideo streaming and media-rich page builder content pages.

Profit from greatly reduced global and local access times through geo-redundancy, thanks to Azure's many globally distributed data centers


This means shorter data paths: with Azure, data is always played out closer to the user than from your single store server. Ideal for globalized shopping projects that want to score with excellent web speed on every continent.

For more information on Azure Blob Storage, click here:

The "Microsoft Azure Services" plugin is a proprietary development of SmartStore AG for the Smartstore Shop and included exclusively in the Smartstore Premium Edition and Premium Flat.