Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Plug-in: The BNPL payment solution for e-commerce and digital marketplaces

One of the most important points for an online store is the payment method. This can have a major impact on the purchase decision. Based on fully digitized processes and a highly scalable tech platform, Billie opens up new freedoms for large and small online stores - Now also in Smartstore! With fast liquidity, access to modern payment solutions and automated workflows, both user experience and conversion rates are improved. As a market leader, Billie offers an innovative B2B payment method: Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL). Thanks to modern checkout solutions, businesses can easily pay and get paid on their own terms.

Link BilliePay with your own Smartstore store

To access BilliePay's features in Smartstore, store owners need to go to the navigation menu. Via Plugins > Manage Plugins and users get to the Upload Plugin option. The BilliePay plugin can be selected and added to the plugin list by clicking Upload & Install. If the plugin is not displayed there, reload the list.

After clicking Install, the plugin is available in the store. BilliePay is then listed under Configuration > Payment methods. In this area, store owners can activate or deactivate the plugin.

Setting up the practical BNPL solution

  1. After installing the plugin in your own store, you will need to log in at

  2. To see the CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRETS, you can go to the corresponding section. The sandbox and information are separate.

  3. Enter the CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET into the corresponding field.

  4. Click Check Credentials to verify that the information is correct. If the information is correct, the credential is returned.

  5. Then check BilliePay.

If you are using a sandbox, you can use the following information.

Name of the company Billie GmbH
VAT DE310295470
Company/org. number HRB 182428 B
First name
Last name
address Charlottenstr. 4
postal code 10969
City Berlin
Country Germany

Pay on account? - A piece of cake!

  1. Select the Billie payment method and gender. If the company name was disabled in the previous step, you will need to enter that here as well.

  2. Select the check box.

  3. Click the Confirm button.

  4. If the company name is correct, a connection to the Billie server will be established. If there are difficulties with the name, a list of companies that could be considered will appear.

  5. The order amount is displayed and the number of payment days is output. A request follows to check whether the information is correct.

  6. Complete or cancel the order in the administrative costs. Sales > Orders. Select the order.

  7. Payment status is approved. You can then click the Cancel button to cancel the order.

    If the order is to be sent to the customer, click the Capture button to complete the order.

If you have enabled the webhook, you will need to register with BilliePay using the hook URL in order to process your orders there.

About BilliePay

In search of an efficient and scalable solution, Contorion turned to the Berlin-based start-up Billie. Together with the payment and factoring specialist, the B2B retailer was able to introduce a data-based, automated BNPL solution. Today, the online store offers stable limits up to 100,000 euros, even for new customers and guests, as well as flexible payment terms of up to 120 days. Due to high acceptance rates of more than 85 percent and the improved user experience, the conversion rate has increased by more than 50 percent. Together with Klarna, Billie has been offering BNPL to business customers as a plug-and-play solution for a few months. "B2B buyers today are digital-first and used to the automated processes from B2C," says co-founder Dr. Matthias Knech

Do you have any questions about the „Billie B2B-Buy Now Pay Later-Plugin”? Or would like to send us your feedback? If so, you can reach us via the contact form, e-mail us at or call us from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at +49 231 5335 0.

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