ReadyConnect plug-in and app for your smartstore payment and quick check-out process
Sunday, July 18, 2021

ReadyConnect plug-in and app for your smartstore payment and quick check-out process

Plug-in that eliminates frictions in user engagement, increase customer conversion rate and promote more business transactions.

Most websites today need to maintain some kind of lasting relationship with its users that are often termed as customers, subscribers or simply members etc. In addition, eCommerce platforms also need to provide a secure and easy way for online consumers to checkout and pay. Unfortunately, many businesses are failing in these two areas and are paying poor online user experiences with the loss customer enthusiasm and business opportunities.

Traditionally websites maintain member accounts information in their own databases and tend to implement the user registration and login logic with custom authentication code. Such practice has often led to clumsy user experience and serious security vulnerabilities. As an example, many (including some high-profile websites) suffered damaging data breaches because they had failed to properly hash or salt the user passwords  in the database.

The risk becomes even higher with online that consumer payment information such as credit cards. The technical requirement for staying compliant with PCI is often beyond the reach of many small businesses.

Aside from the security and financial risks there are again the loss of business customers and transactions due to the often lengthy, cumbersome registration and login process, as users are becoming more averse to creating yet another online account, memorizing another password.

To offload the technical burden, reduce the risk and partially alleviate the poor user experience associated with password-based login, an increasing number of websites have resorted to relying on external login providers such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Apple etc. to authenticate user logins. To leverage such external login providers, the relying websites typically need to implement integration API that follows the OAuth, OpenID or OpenID Connect standard. Given the different versions of such standards and the various provider specific requirement it can get quite tedious when trying to integrate with more than a few such providers.

Additionally, having user logins routed through major social login providers raises serious concerns over online user tracking and privacy, given some social identity providers’ poor reputation in collecting and sharing online user information.

ReadyConnect plug-in for Smartstore allows websites to easily integrate with ReadySignOn following the same OpenID Connect standard, which means a website currently using Google Sign-In would also be able to use the ReadySignOn or QuickSignOn app to authenticate its users without the need of a password.

Since ReadySignOn/QuickSignOn eliminates the need of user entering a username and password, users of the relying website will be able to enjoy pleasant sign-in experience and thus likely to be more engageable.

Because ReadySignOn/QuickSignOn can use digital signature-based authentication the security of the website will be much stronger comparing to any secret credential-based sign-in approach. In addition to eliminating password thefts, ReadySignOn/QuickSignOn also renders the URL spoofing and phishing attacks unworkable due to its radically different authentication workflow.

Further, for websites that embraces the use of ReadyID its users can enjoy the strongest privacy protection because login identifiers will be dynamically, uniquely and cryptographically generated for each user at each website, making cross site user tracking impossible, either by a single party or multiple colluding parties. 

Lastly, websites that integrate with ReadyConnect will automatically gain the ability to allow its users to login with more than two dozen major identity providers, including the big five identity providers named above. To turn on or off the use of a specific external login provider the relying website doesn’t need to change any code or its configuration, as this can be simply done through click of a button.

Similar to the ReadyConnect plug-in is the ReadyPay plug-in which is intended for removing frictions along the online payment and checkout process.

With ReadyPay, a Smartstore website can allow its shoppers to quickly checkout without registering or signing in and make payments using their mobile device if they already have an Apple Pay or Google Pay enabled device. This also spares the consumer from having to key in their billing 

and shipping information as such information will be transmitted from their mobile device to the corresponding payment processor directly to ensure maximum security and privacy in addition to user convenience.

Since all sensitive information is only stored on the user’s mobile device, literally within their own hands, the relying website’s burden and risk associated with maintaining such data is reduced to the absolute minimum as well. 

In summary, with ReadySignOn and QuickSignOn it is possible to attain friction- free user engagement experience, unmatched security and strong privacy all at once, without compromising one for the others.

You can find the plugin here.

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