Smartstore Commerce Cloud
Thursday, January 5, 2023

Smartstore Commerce Cloud

Digitization has revolutionized our everyday lives and also permanently changed retail. Always more people are ordering their goods online, which means that companies must adapt to the changing needs of their customers.

To be used in this competitive market, companies need a modern and flexible e-commerce solution that meets the challenges of the digital age. Such a solution is offered by the Smartstore Commerce Cloud in collaboration with Microsoft. It was developed specifically for the Azure Cloud to Accelerate innovation and productivity.

The cloud has arrived in the midmarket and it is impossible to imagine modern companies without it. 

The midmarket is going to the cloud! The cloud has become indispensable for modern companies. Cost savings is indeed a factor, but the cloud offers, above all, completely new possibilities that were previously unattainable - exactly what companies need for optimal digital transformation.

Already 2015 Microsoft has enormous importance of the cloud for the future and competitiveness of companies. Today offers the cloud offers new features to improve collaboration and location-independent working. In the digital future powerful offerings in artificial intelligence, business data storage and analysis, and quantum computing will be even more more important.

With its cloud-first and mobile-first strategy, the market leader took a clear position at an early stage and has targeted its portfolio and successfully brought it into the cloud, optimized and expanded it.

Smartstore Commerce Cloud on Azure

So why did we choose Microsoft Azure to run our newly developed Smartstore Commerce Cloud?

When it comes to running Smartstore, a cloud environment is often the best choice. Especially the Microsoft Azure Cloud offers numerous advantages for users.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Flexible and automated provisioning of services and applications: Azure Cloud enables fast and straightforward provisioning of services and applications without having to worry about hardware infrastructure. Through the automated scaling, the cloud environment can be adapted to the current requirements at any time.
  • Easy management of resources and services: Azure Cloud provides a user-friendly interface for managing Resources and Services. This allows users to quickly and easily manage and control their applications and services.
  • Use of the cloud environment for development, operation and management of applications: Azure Cloud is an all-in-one service, that enables development, operation and management of applications in the cloud. This means that users can run their applications in the cloud can develop, test and operate.
  • Easy integration into existing IT environments and the possibility of using hybrid concepts: Azure Cloud offers a seamless integration into existing IT environments and enables the use of hybrid concepts. This allows companies to improve their seamlessly integrate applications and services into their existing IT infrastructure.
  • Provide highly scalable hardware resources: The Azure Cloud provides a highly scalable infrastructure that enables enterprises to scale their applications and services quickly and easily. This allows companies to quickly respond to Respond to changes in demand and adjust resources accordingly.
  • Fast response to peak loads possible: Automated scaling enables Azure Cloud to quickly respond to peak loads respond. This keeps applications and services stable and responsive even in the event of a sudden increase in demand.
  • Operating in reliable data centers worldwide: Azure Cloud operates professional data centers around the world. This allows companies to run their applications and services in the cloud without having to worry about operating and maintaining their own Servers to worry about.
  • High availability of the overall system: The Azure Cloud offers high availability of the overall system. This allows Companies can be sure that their applications and services are always available and that downtime is minimized.

The Microsoft Azure Cloud offers numerous advantages to companies that want to run Smartstore in the cloud. Through the automated scaling, high availability, and seamless integration into existing IT environments, applications and services can be quickly and easily run in the cloud and companies can benefit from the advantages of a modern cloud environment. But these are not the only advantages that make operating Smartstore in the cloud attractive and make an own data center unnecessary make. For us as an e-commerce pioneer since our founding in the 2000er Years, the most important reason why we chose the development based on Microsoft technologies was our enthusiasm for Microsoft Visual Studio. It is the ultimate tool to increase productivity and customize the workflows you want.

To be clear: Smartstore was developed in the C# language and thus in Microsoft ASP.NET Core, which in combination with Visual Studio and supporting tools such as GitHub, as well as the capabilities of Microsoft Azure cloud computing services, virtually unlimited possibilities.

The unique trio of Smartstore, Visual Studio, and the inexhaustible Azure cloud computing services offers enterprises nearly unlimited possibilities. With Smartstore, you get a robust and reliable e-commerce solution designed specifically for the needs of B2B-, D2C- or B2C-Unternehmen is tailored. In combination with Visual Studio, one of the most powerful development tools on the market, you can customize and extend your e-commerce platform with just a few clicks. The Azure Cloud Computing Services provide you with a scalable and reliable infrastructure. Together, they make a trio that's the perfect choice for Companies looking for a flexible, powerful and future-proof e-commerce solution in the cloud.

Composable Commerce with Smartstore

Now let's talk about what Smartstore can do as a cross-platform composable commerce solution do for your business can. The Smartstore Commerce Cloud is a cross-platform, fast and open source Open Source DXP enterprise composable commerce platform next-generation 2022 was unveiled. She was specially developed for companies that want to be successful in the digital world.

But what exactly is Composable Commerce and why is it important for modern e-commerce?

Composable Commerce is an innovative architecture that takes advantage of microservices, headless commerce and API-first approaches combines to create an agile and scalable e-commerce solution. The platform focuses on flexibility and modularity and is therefore ideally suited for companies looking for an e-commerce solution that can be easily adapted to their individual needs can be adapted. By using microservices, functions can be granularly partitioned, independently developed, shared or scaled. Headless commerce enables the separation of front-end and back-end, making the platform more flexible in displaying of the content. API-first approaches ensure that all functions can be accessed and used via open APIs.

*Microsoft Azure offers a comprehensive range of over 200 Cloud-products and services that enable businesses to create new solutions develop, overcome challenges and shape the future. Using the tools and frameworks provided by Microsoft users have the freedom to build, run, and manage applications across multiple on-premises and Edge clouds.

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