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Smartstore Connect

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With Smartstore Connect, we've created a platform that lets you connect business applications and processes from different systems: Without programming, but simply by   drag-and-drop .

Digital transformation is not a short-term project, but permanent change that affects all areas of a company. It requires a comprehensive realignment of every organization and the adaptation of business processes and models to the constantly changing requirements of the digital age.  

Companies that successfully transform digitally typically have a clear strategy and goals related to Improving customer relationships, increasing efficiency and opening up new business areas. They focus on innovation and exploit the opportunities of digitization to stand out in the market and succeed in the long term.

Digital transformation offers enormous opportunities for companies that are willing to embrace change and take advantage of digitization. Those who start early will benefit from the opportunities of digital transformation in the long term. Smartstore Connect helps you do just that.

Realize complex scenarios via drag-and-drop

At Smartstore, we've developed a powerful and reliable solution for integrating your business applications and processes to streamline your operations and increase efficiency. Smartstore Connect is designed for low-code, Drag-and-drop build. Brief: A solution that allows you to connect to any public API faster and with lower development costs to realize complex scenarios.

Automate your business processes to increase your company's efficiency

With the right automation solution, you can save time and resources by eliminating manual tasks and streamlining recurring processes.By automating business processes, you as a business owner can ensure that no customer request is lost, processing errors are minimized, and service quality is greatly increased.

Smartstore Connect as a low-code solution for B2B companies  

Smartstore Connect is a low-code solution, meaning no need to develop program code for custom solutions. Smartstore Connect is designed specifically for B2B and D2C companies. It is a platform that allows users to develop and automate business processes and applications without deep technical knowledge.

It offers a wide range of features and tools that B2B and D2C companies can use to optimize and automate their business processes, such as customer order processing, supply chain management, financial management, and Customer Service. Smartstore Connect provides capabilities for processing sales orders, optimizing and automating supply chains, automate financial processes, and improve customer service for B2B and D2C companies.

Templates can be created and shared across the enterprise so departments and business units can cover the most common automation cases. This increases productivity and innovation and creates a unique source of Automation resources.

Achieve complete visibility and scalability at the enterprise level with Smartstore Connect

With Smartstore Connect, different users can manage multiple business units simultaneously. The solution is centralized for monitoring and troubleshooting data streams and verifying their reliability and security.

As your integration environment grows, scaling connections and managing automation with a single source of database simplifies the exchange of data between different interfaces within the enterprise and with external Partners, vendors and customers. This allows you to manage your integration ecosystem more efficiently.

Cloud-first infrastructure and omnichannel commerce

Innovation never stops and businesses continue to look for new ways to increase the speed of business transformation. To meet this need, we've become more of a business transformation accelerator.

In a world where businesses expect the simplicity and efficiency of cloud-based, fully managed services, Process Automation is no exception. With Smartstore Connect, we provide a process automation solution as a service that is truly transformative and meets the expectations of our cloud-first customers and users."

Data Analytics

As digitalization continues, the topic of Big Data and analytics is of central importance and in almost all Industries. Both topics are high on the agenda of decision makers and play a central role in all industries that already generate a lot of Data generate, play a central role.

This undoubtedly includes retail, which has extensive experience with analyzing information and dealing with big data, for example in the context of POS data. But even here, there are changes and challenges that require a targeted approach, in addition to omnichannel concepts and the increasingly sophisticated technological possibilities of data collection.

Analyzing data forces an imbalance between brick-and-mortar and e-commerce. In the case of the latter, it's becoming a challenge for retailers and commerce platforms, for example, to obtain data about their customers and their behavior in order to analyze it.  

The breadth of information available is vast, ranging from the ability to create customer profiles via purchase history to detailed evaluations of drivers and blockers of conversion. As a result, the use of this data in e-commerce has evolved rapidly and has become a key competency of successful retailers today.

Make your data understandable and manageable

With Smartstore Power BI as part of Smartstore Connect, you can collect and structure your data. This way, you focus precisely on the data that is truly relevant to you.

Power BI is a set of tools for analyzing business data and Share Insights. Monitor your business and get fast, accurate answers on any device with detailed dashboards.

Plus, connect to a range of services you use to support your Business, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Google Analytics. Power BI uses your credentials to connect to the service, and then creates a Power BI app with a dashboard and a set of Power BI reports that automatically display your data and give you visual insights into your business.  

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