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The networked car has long been a reality: Smartstore and Connected Car Commerce: The new ecosystem


In the future, Smartstore could make it possible to make payments directly from the car. Soon you may not need to go to the checkout because your car has already paid.

Internet of Things (IoT): Secure payment by car

The era of the networked car has dawned. Experts predict that the number of connected devices will reach 25 billion by 2021. We believe that the networked car will also play an important role in this new era of networked devices.

What is Digital Commerce in the car, or Connected Car Commerce?

Connected Car Commerce provides a digital ID with credit card data for vehicles. With the ID, customers can receive online payments for various car-related services such as refuelling, parking, moving, drive-through, maintenance, etc.

The challenge is therefore to ensure a seamless transition to the retail and payment systems built into the vehicles, as the POS is increasingly oriented towards consumer wishes anyway.

What kind of services could be performed with the vehicle? Or which business models develop around the networked car?

There are basically two types of services. The internal (OEM) or the external via affiliated partners.

Internal offers (OEM)

  • Vehicles, e.g. vehicle purchase
  • Financial services, e.g. leasing, financing
  • Mobility services, e.g. linking of transport vehicles
  • Workshop and safety, e.g. emergency call, error detection
  • Autonomous driving, e.g. parking assistance as an additional function that can be added
  • Functions on demand, e.g. navigation upgrade for vacations, seat heating, 100 hp more
  • Partner offers, e.g. booking parking tickets

Offers from external partners

  • Parking, e.g. reserve parking space, book and extend parking tickets
  • Refueling, e.g. contactless payment
  • Shopping, e.g. ordering and sending flowers online
  • Electrical, e.g. recharging of electric vehicles
  • Insurance, e.g. foreign travel insurance, insurance score
  • Travel, e.g. hotel booking
  • Entertainment, e.g. download audio book

Are there already concrete use cases that can be created with Smartstore for cars?

Yes there are. For example, our partner VISA Developer has APIs that allow you to offer innovative payment methods for cars. So you can develop innovative solutions that improve the experience of drivers, passengers, store owners and city planners.  

Does VISA have partners from the automotive sector that have already implemented solutions?

Yes, they also exist. Daimler buys PayCash and introduces MercedesPay, Volkswagen buys PayByPhone and thus expands its business with mobile payment services, Jaguar Land Rover enters into partnership with Shell for cashless payment, Visa and Honda show a car that pays its fuel bill with tokens, Amazon integrates Alexa at Ford and Volkswagen.

Are there Smartstore partners who are able to advise us on such a "Connected Car Commerce" problem?

Yes, there are. Our strategic partner Microsoft presented the Connected Vehicle Platform at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

You can find more information on this topic at:

Which Smartstore Edition should I buy to develop monetization models in terms of IoT and Connected Car?

Because this form of data processing is mainly relevant in an industrial environment, we offer Smartstore IoT only from Smartstore Enterprise Commerce Open Source. To find out why this edition in particular is the right one, please read our blog article

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how will privacy controls work?  how will security work?  you do not provide an negative consideration with networking your freedom of movement with tracking and continua fees for moving about.  will the government(s) be permitted to use this system to tax people?