Smartstore Roadmap

Hier informieren wir Sie über unsere aktuellen Projekte und kommenden Veröffentlichungen.

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October 2021

Dimension Pricing

The plugin is used for creating generic templates that assign dimensions to the products. It has the feature to define volume formulas and calculate the optimal accommodation for the defined pallet/container. The accommodation is used to calculate the delivery price depending on the selected delivery method or delivery type.

Features include:

  • Dimension pricing
  • Shipping by dimension and weight calculation
  • Custom dimension price calculation
  • Calculating price and quantity regarding the volume or area
  • Compatibility with SmartStore product dimensions
  • Custom widget
  • Ability to calculate space on shipping pallet or container
  • Custom shipping formulas for irregular shapes
  • Customizable
  • Multilanguage Support
Dimension Mobile
October 2021

mapAds-Plugin for Smartstore

The mapAds plugin allows linking online products with the offline world. Via mapAds AI, online customers are routed to the nearest offline stores with the desired product. Read more details here (german). This plugin will be available locally only for now.

You can download the "mapAds" plugin for free (coming soon) from the SmartStore Marketplace.

MapAds Big
Mapsads Mobile
November 2021

Intelligent Product Assistant

The Smartstore intelligent product assistant will route the customer to the appropriate product by means of targeted questions to the customer and intelligent processing of the answers.

Details will follow.

November 2021

SAP Business One ERP Plugin

Synchronizes SAP Business One with the Smartstore. With the plugin, sales processes of any complexity can be mapped. User-defined tables (UDT) / fields (UDF) as well as objects in SAP B1 can be freely mapped in the synchronization. The plugin works equally well with SQL and with Hana.

November 2021

Lexoffice Plugin

With lexoffice (german),  you can create all accounting documents quickly, online and reliably. Even if you are a beginner and have no previous knowledge - with lexoffice you can create offers, invoices, manage customers or prepare tax returns quickly and easily.

December 2021

Filemanager Plugin

With the FileManager plugin, documents can be assigned to the products, which are then displayed in separate tabs in the frontend and can be downloaded by the store visitor.

December 2021

Release of Version 4.2

The release will include many bug fixes and performance optimizations in addition to some new, long-awaited features.

First quarter of 2022

Migration to ASP.NET Core

Starting with version 4.1 we will migrate Smartstore from ASP.NET to the more modern ASP.NET core. ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform open source framework from Microsoft for building modern Web applications. Among many other advantages of ASP.NET Core, we expect faster and more convenient development. After releasing the ASP.NET Core based release in the third quarter of 2021, we will continue the development of Smartstore as usual with new great features.

Stay tuned and look forward with us to the upcoming Smartstore releases!

  • New features, APIs, runtime improvements
  • Performance
  • Side-by-Side deployment of different .NET Core versions
  • Self-contained applications
  • And more
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