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The new Smartstore 5 opens up a new dimension of e-commerce for your business. Get ready for the highest performance and the greatest possibilities!


E-commerce with top performance and maximum flexibility

Smartstore has been developed using the open, cross-platform web framework Microsoft ASP.NET Core and consistent refactoring of the code.

Unparalleled Speed

With less than 100 milliseconds TTFB, Smartstore is the fastest e-commerce platform out-of-the-box.

Versatile Hosting

Whether Windows and MySql or Linux and MS SQL, Smartstore supports everything, even vice versa.

Automated Translation

All content, including products and product groups, metatags, CMS, page and content slider content, is translated into almost all languages in the best quality.

Docker integration

Docker images created with a click from the source code or available online make you independent and flexible when testing or deploying.

Ready for the cloud

As a platform-independent and Docker-enabled application, Smartstore is ideally suited for cloud services such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

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ASP.NET CORE Commerce Platform

So simple and inspiring
is e-commerce with Smartstore

Download, Install, configure and go. E-commerce is this easy with Smartstore. Easy to use, scalable and powerful, extensive CMS features, smart marketing tools, multishop, excellent SEO ranking, globalization and AI-assisted translations, 100% responsive front-end and back-end design at the cutting edge of the Technology, open code, open plugin architecture and clean code.


Complete content management and more

For easy and clear editing of your content, Smartstore offers a number of advanced features. With the powerful Smartstore Page Builder design interesting Shopping worlds comfortably by drag & drop in a WYSIWYG editor. With the Menu Builder you can freely create new menu structures and fill them with your own pages and content. Create interesting content to put your product in the spotlight.

  • Page Builder
  • Media Manager
  • Menu Builder
  • Custom Pages
  • Numerous Widgets
  • Forum, Blog & News
  • News templates
  • Multilingual Text Elements
Page builder
Multi language

Open Source

From the very beginning, we have consciously chosen open source to offer our customers the best possible access to innovation and customization, security and quality.

  • Supports Windows and Linux servers
  • Latest responsive themes
  • Supports smartphones & tablets directly
  • No programming required
  • Extensive import and export functions
  • Easy configuration and management via Mouse click
  • Wide range of payment methods
  • User-friendly operation in back- and frontend
  • Extension possibilities through various Plugins
  • Integrated marketing tools (SEO, blog, forum, news, Newsletter)
  • Analysis tools for monitoring store key figures
  • Security functions against DDOS
  • Fast, stable and resource-saving
  • Extensive support options
  • Continuous updates
Intuitive shop administration

Made to feel at home

The backend is the administration center of your Smartstore Online Shop. Here you can configure all settings comprehensively and conveniently simply with a click. Menus and form pages are structured logically and clearly. Form contents are coherent and each setting is practically self-explanatory.

Smartstore Backend
Boundlessly innovative

Open Source

Smartstore is an open source commerce platform with complete openness and transparency. The source code is available onGitHub, which allows you to read, customize and extend the code. This gives you the flexibility to customize the platform to your specific needs and make individual extensions.

Smartstore's openness also gives you the opportunity to learn from the developer community and work together to further develop the platform.

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