Smartstore DXP Enterprise Composable Commerce

Upgrade your e-commerce business model with the powerful and intelligent DXP enterprise Composable commerce system Smartstore

The massive or gradual expansion of your distribution channels or your product range, is with Smartstore due to the high scalability of the DXP Enterprise Composable Commerce possible without further ado.

Flexible and powerful

Maximum performance even at peak loads

Especially for online shops, factors such as reaction and loading speed are critical for success. Smartstore provides a whole range of features to ensure short server response and page load times even under full load. Integrated technologies such as Tiny Image, Mega Search and Output Cache can almost double the performance on given hardware. If at some point a single server no longer meets the requirements, Smartstore can easily be operated with many instances in a web farm. So with Smartstore you will have an efficient and reliable e-commerce platform.


Highest scalability, availability & performance

Redis is an extremely powerful in-memory data store for use as database, cache, message broker and queue. The Smartstore Enterprise Redis module makes Redis functions available in performance-critical areas of your shop, guaranteeing maximum scalability, availability and performance. Redis is a required feature for hosting Smartstore in a web farm.

  • Allows web farms
  • High availability & Scalability
  • Replication and stability
  • Microsecond response times
  • Multi-Level-Cache (Redis > RAM)
  • Full-Page-Cache / Output-Cache
  • User Sessions
  • Message Broker
Redis Top
Smartstore Enterprise Cloud

One Step Ahead of the Competition

Whether Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), you can roll out a fully automated Smartstore Cloud installation, including all system requirements, in minutes and with just a few clicks. Smartstore has everything you need to implement your business flexibility and control of a cloud-native platform according to your specific challenges.

CXML PunchOut
Smooth procurement with OCI & cXML

PunchOut Connect for the
e-procurement industry

Offer your B2B customers easy and efficient procurement by connecting your Smartstore store through a "PunchOut" to internal procurement applications. This option is already used extensively by large companies, e.g. to purchase office supplies, furniture or spare parts.

  • Store call directly from the ERP system
  • No separate login process
  • Current product data and prices
  • Automatically apply individual conditions and rights
  • Navigation like in your own Smartstore Shop
  • Fast data entry
  • Transmission of individual customer data or order numbers
  • Individually configurable
Purchase Order Authorizations

Authorise and release orders in the B2B environment

To decentralise the procurement workflow in business-to-business (B2B) operations, you need appropriate authorisation and approval functions. The Smartstore e-commerce system enables you to comprehensively map authorisation processes and workflows, simply by clicking.

Smartstore Order Management System

For a continuous value chain in the digital age

The efficient solution for successful integration

With Smartstore Order Management System (SOMS) it is extremely easy to network with partners, exchange product information and make data available to others. SOMS helps companies with multiple brands, locations, stores, warehouses, etc., create seamless cross-channel experiences, optimize fulfillment processes, and meet customer needs. Currently, SOMS supports for example BMEcat, openTRANS, Open Catalog Interface (OCI), Business Process Management (BPM), Universal Business Language (UBL) and more.

Smartstore Order Management
Smartstore Online Translator

Translate homepage completely in a few moments

The "Smartstore Online Translator" quickly & easily translates stores of any size and provides access to over 100 languages.

The AI-supported "Smartstore Online Translator" distinguishes between Text content in the code from HTML formatting & custom designs and keeps them intact.

External plugins also represent a challenge for the Translation is no problem!

Smartstore Order Management
Open Source

DXP Enterprise Composable Commerce the open source way

Open Source is the engine for innovation in industrial use and enables you to customize your business processes in response to changing markets. The use of Smartstore DXP Enterprise OS allows you a deeper level of automation and digitalization of your processes.

Power BI

Interactive visualization and business intelligence

Data becomes knowledge and knowledge becomes the basis for concrete action. Use Power BI to visualize your business data and make it available throughout your organization.

Power BI

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