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Smartstore in the Cloud

What's PaaS?
Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a service that provides a computing platform for web application developers in the cloud. This can be a rapidly deployable runtime environment (typically for web applications), but also a development environment that can be used with little administrative effort and without the need to purchase the underlying hardware and software. They support the entire software lifecycle from design, development, testing, delivery and the operation of web applications over the Internet. Platform as a Service is a part of Everything as a Service.

Some offerings also include services for collaborative work and versioning, monitoring and security, or middleware services for storing data or for communication between applications. PaaS offerings are built on a scalable infrastructure (IaaS) of storage and processing power and can therefore also scale. Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings can be built on a PaaS environment. This makes PaaS the middle layer in the cloud stack.


What is Azure?
Microsoft Azure (short: Azure, pronunciation) is a cloud computing platform from Microsoft with services such as SQL Azure or AppFabric, which is primarily aimed at software developers. It is officially available since 1 February 2010.

Microsoft Azure users use Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Cloud computing providers provide applications and databases which can be used on a network basis. The user's personal files are also no longer stored on the user's own computer, but on the provider's servers. Microsoft wants to focus much more on Internet-based services and hopes to counter the trend towards cheaper and less powerful computers such as netbooks. It is competing with comparable offers such as Google App Engine or the Elastic Compute Cloud from Amazon.

Microsoft Azure represents the major part of a newly developed platform, the Microsoft Azure Platform. This platform offers users new services, such as a database and a new version of the .NET framework. In addition, services for data synchronization are offered based on the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services system.


Can I use Smartstore as a PaaS via AWS or Google Cloud?
Yes, that's no problem, we can deploy Smartstore anytime on Amazon Web Services (AWS) instantly, the same applies to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

To run a PaaS on Azure, do I need to purchase the Enterprise Edition provided by Smartstore?
No, you do not need to, unless you want to run Smartstore in a web farm environment. (See "Hosting Smartstore in a Web Farm") Our Azure BLOB Storage Plugin is responsible for running on Microsoft Azure in the PaaS environment and only requires the Smartstore Premium Edition.

What does it exactly mean to run Smartstore in a web farm environment?
A web farm is a group of at least two web servers (or nodes) which host multiple instances of Smartstore. When a web farm receives user requests, a load balancing module distributes the requests among the nodes of the web farm. To learn more about why it makes sense to run Smartstore on a web farm, read our blog post "Hosting Smartstore in a Web Farm".

What advantages do I have if I run Smartstore in the Microsoft Azure Cloud?

There are several reasons why running Smartstore in a cloud environment makes sense.

Users of the Microsoft Azure Cloud benefit from the following advantages:

  • flexible and automatic provision of services and applications
  • simple management of the resources and services used
  • Leverage the cloud environment to develop, run and manage applications
  • easy integration into existing IT environments and the possibility of using hybrid concepts
  • Provision of highly scalable storage and computing resources
  • fast reaction on load peaks possible
  • Operation in professional data centers worldwide
  • High availability of the entire system

Learn about the tools Smartstore Enterprise Commerce provides for large companies. Use the Microsoft Cloud as a complete cloud service so you never have to worry about flexibility, performance, or security again.

Is my data safe in the Microsoft Azure Cloud?
This is what Microsoft says about security with Azure.

Trust your Cloud

From the start, you'll benefit from our security, our team of experts and the proactive compliance that companies, governments and start-ups trust.

Is my shop in the Microsoft Cloud GDPR compliant?
We are not allowed to give legal advice at this point for legal reasons, but we can say this much.

"When using online services in a legally compliant manner, customers must consider a variety of legal requirements and data protection regulations and take control of the cloud. Microsoft makes it easy for its customers: We offer contractual assurances and evidence with regard to international and national data protection laws; specifically for Germany, for example, an Order Data Processing Agreement (ADV) and the signing of the EU standard contractual clauses (EU Model Clauses). This way you are legally always on the safe side." 

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