Become part of the Smartstore success

Are you a developer or an agency? Develop extensions for Smartstore customers or for Smartstore Marketplace and become a part of Smartstore success.

Open and extensible

Minimize risks with modular architecture.


Making business processes and procedures perfect.

Powerful Theme Engine

Quick and easy customizing.

State-of-the-art Frontend

Bootstrap, Sass, HTML5, CSS3, Liquid.

Docker integration

Rapid deployment in consistent, isolated, and portable environments.

Cross-platform capability

Limitless flexibility, efficiency and seamless integration.

Groundbreaking speed

Unmatched speed with 100 ms TTFB.

Unlimited scalability

Maximum performance through page caching and web farm support.

Modular Extension

Develop your own plug-ins, themes or stories

Smartstore is one of the most popular and successful e-commerce solutions in the ASP.NET world. The online store system always uses the latest Microsoft technologies. Advanced developer tools, a robust, open architecture and the very high code quality make the implementation of your individual extensions a pleasure. You will receive direct support from our entire team. Become a part of the community as a platform partner and expand your reach and your reach and marketing opportunities.

Plug-in development

Developing plug-ins for Smartstore is extremely convenient.


After you have finalized your plugin, theme or Page Builder story, publish it to the Smartstore Marketplace.


If your product meets the Smartstore standards (code quality, licensing, etc.), then nothing stands in the way of a partnership.


As a Smartstore partner, you carry the Smartstore partner label. The label stands for trust, expertise and excellent service.

And it's as simple as that:

After many years of experience in e-commerce, it was time for us to make a product change. After in-depth research, we decided to become a partner of SmartStore AG. The product is fabulous, fast, well designed and we have the code. In the last two years, we have migrated almost all of our existing customers to Smartstore, which has been seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One.
Abdon De Kousemaeker