Premium Edition

The proven complete package for comprehensive use in e-commerce

Smartstore Premium Edition includes features such as Output Cache, Mega Search, OpenTrans, BMEcat and the use of Azure Blob Storage for media files. In addition, all plugins can be used in multishop mode without any restrictions.
Premium Edition

Media Manager

Powerful and lightning-fast media management

Managing huge amount of media files is a breeze with the Media Manager. Thanks to its intuitive handling and modern user interface, you can make changes to your media files quickly and easily. Extensive filter, sorting and search capabilities let you find exactly what you are looking for.

  • Drag & Drop
  • Fast & clear
  • Metadata specifications such as ALT attribute, tags, titles
  • Filtering by type, file extension, tags and image size
  • File name search supports wildcards
  • Detects unassigned and orphaned files
Mega Search
Mega Search

Fast & furios

A fast and reliable search is the key to success. Very few customers nowadays browse through the range of products, especially if it includes thousands of items or more. A search that leads quickly and consistently to the relevant result significantly increases the time spent in the shop. Mega Search is a high-performance, very intelligent, scalable and robust search engine for your product catalogue.

The paid add-on plugin Mega Search Plus supplements Mega Search with crucial premium features such as an extended facet search with any variants and specification attributes, the search in localized data and the use in multishop operation.

  •  High speed, even with millions of records
  •  Time-controlled index update
  •  Dynamic facet search
  • Search for brands & Product groups
  • error tolerance ("Did you mean...?")
  • Autosuggests/proposals
  •  Synonym word groups
  •  Field booster
  •  Separation of compound words
  •  Related search terms
  • Abbreviations
Mega Menu

Smart, interactive and customizable

Mega Menu allows a flexible structure of the main navigation of your shop. With additional content such as images, introductory texts and teasers, unique and individual layouts can be created for each product group. Interactive elements such as videos, badges or e.g. product rotators can be used to illustrate further information about the product groups and products. By using your own HTML code all design options are open to you.

  • Freely configurable teaser
  • Various Point & Click customization options
  • (background) pictures
  • Product Rotator
  • own HTML code
Mega Menu
Content Slider

Visualising special contents interactively

Content Slider offers an unmissable, interactive presentation possibility for every imaginable content, such as special products, discount campaigns or seasonal offers on the start page and in all product groups. With the ready-made templates, attractive and gently animated slides are a pleasure.

  • Simple configuration
  • Various Point & Click customization options
  • Any number of slides per product group
  • Automatic display of product information
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-shop
  • Custom HTML code

Provide data - trigger processes

In addition to standard export formats such as TXT, CSV and XML, Smartstore also supports export formats from online marketplaces and online price comparison sites. Parallel to filtering, splitting and projection of the data, a wide range of configuration options allow for automated and scheduled delivery locally or online.

  • Plannable execution via Cron Expression
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Preview function
  • Automatic deployment locally and online
Mega Search

Full support for data exchange

Smartstore implements common industry standards such as BMEcat, OpenTrans and Web API when importing and exporting data. BMEcat is virtually the standard exchange format for catalog data in industry and B2B commerce. With OpenTrans a integration to almost all merchandise management systems is possible. Individual applications can be fulfilled via the powerful Web API.

  • RESTFul Web API
  • BMEcat Im- & Export
  • Orders in OpenTrans format
Azure Blob Storage

Highly scalable cloud storage

Azure Blob Storage is a extreme durable and scalable cloud storage from Microsoft for large amounts of unstructured data such as images, videos, audio, documents, etc. Users and applications can access stored objects from anywhere in the world. The Smartstore Azure Storage module stores all media files in the cloud instead of on the local hard drive or database.

Maximum Performance

Output Caching

The Output Cache feature is a powerful performance tool that guarantees short reaction times and prevents the loading speed from slowing down at peak times (e.g. Christmas, or certain times in office supply shops, etc.) Depending on the amount of data and current workload, output cache will increase your shop speed by 2 to 50 times with active cache.

  • Extensive configuration
  • Donut Hole Caching
  • Automatic invalidity
  • Extensive statistics
Output cache
Up to 80% less bandwidth

Tiny Image - Image optimization

Tiny Image achieves highest compression rates for your uploaded images and generated thumbnails and also offers WebP support. Up to 80% additional savings in file size are possible. Search engines will surely like this and mobile shop visitors even more. According to our experience, media files occupy by far the most storage space in a shop. Using the intelligent Tiny Image image compression you can offer your users a better network experience - especially on mobile devices.

Tiny Image

All Features

The Premium and Premium Flat Editions are suitable for demanding projects with high connectivity and performance requirements now and in the future.

  • OpenTrans format
  • BMEcat Import & Export
  • Output Cache
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Plug-Ins (Multishop Operation)
  • Mega Search
  • Mega Menu
  • Media Manager
  • Content Slider
  • PDF Catalog
  • Export (CSV, XML)
  • Tiny Image
  • Url Rewriter

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