Monday, January 31, 2022

Plug-in: Shopping cart approvals

The Shopping Cart Approvals plugin makes it possible to implement approval processes for procurement workflows in Smartstore.

With this plugin it is possible to create n to n relationships between buyers and procurement managers. The supervision and management of buyers can be done by the procurement manager visually in the store frontend. The procurement manager has an overview of all buyers and their shopping carts at a glance.

Video: Live demo of the "Shopping cart approvals" plugin

Assigned buyers must request shopping cart approvals from their procurement managers if the cart total exceeds the maximum purchase value set for that buyer. When a procurement manager approves the shopping cart for the buyer, the buyer is authorized to place a new order with the exact shopping cart content. If the shopping cart content, and thus the checksum, is changed, the buyer must ask for a new shopping cart approval.

The procurement manager also has the ability to impersonate his buyers to modify the shopping cart or place orders directly on behalf of the buyer without restrictions and required approvals. Emails are sent through the system when buyers and procurement managers interact. Procurement managers are automatically notified when buyers place orders, keeping them informed of all purchases.

This system is capable of multistore operation with different currencies. So a buyer can be assigned to different procurement managers in different stores. In case of different currencies, they will be automatically converted and displayed accordingly.

The Smartstore Shopping Cart Approvals Plugin is a proprietary development of SmartStore AG for the Smartstore e-commerce software and is included in the Smartstore Enterprise Edition, including complete support.

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