Plug-in: PunchOut Connect with OCI and cXML for the eProcurement industry
Monday, October 12, 2020

Plug-in: PunchOut Connect with OCI and cXML for the eProcurement industry

What is a PunchOut catalog?

PunchOut is a B2B application that enables a buyer to access a supplier's website via his own e-procurement application (procurement process). The buyer navigates via his own e-procurement application to the supplier's web-based catalog. This will launch the supplier's Web site in the purchaser's browser. The buyer searches the supplier's web-based PunchOut catalog and adds items to the shopping cart. When the buyer leaves the supplier's PunchOut site in the shopping cart, no orders are placed in the store. Instead, the shopping cart with the selected items is returned to the e-procurement application.

Because PunchOut catalogs are maintained by suppliers and are available online, buyers can find better information about items such as availability, current discounts and associated shipping costs. This information is updated in real-time.

PunchOut bundles all the catalogs in one application, which also promotes the consolidation of purchases and better cost management.

What is OCI?

Open Catalog Interface oder Open Catalog Integration, kurz OCI, ist ein Standard für den Austausch von Katalogdatensätzen. OCI fungiert als Katalogschnittstelle zwischen internen ERP-Systemen, d.h. Unternehmenssoftware, und externen Katalogen. Ziel der Schnittstelle ist es, diese Daten direkt in das eigene ERP-System zu integrieren, z.B. bei der Bestellung von Produkten aus externen Web-Katalogen. OCI wurde ursprünglich von SAP entwickelt, um die Kommunikation zwischen dem SAP R / 3-Programm und externen Katalogen zu vereinfachen.

What is cXML?

cXML (short for: Commerce eXtensible Markup Language Protocol or Commerce XML) is a data exchange format developed by Ariba for the communication of business documents between procurement applications, e-commerce hubs and suppliers. cXML is based on XML and provides formal XML schemas for standard business transactions, enabling software solutions such as ERP systems to modify and validate documents without prior knowledge of their form.

Companies use a Smartstore E-Shop for purchasing and access up-to-date information from the supplier.

  • Store access directly from the ERP system (SAP SRM or ERP, other ERP systems)
  • No separate login process
  • Current product data and prices
  • Individual conditions and rights are applied automatically
  • Navigation like in your own Smartstore Shop
  • Fast data entry
  • Transmission of individual customer material or order numbers
  • Individually configurable

The OCI and cXML-PunchOut plugins are proprietary developments of Smartstore AG for the Smartstore E-Commerce System and are included in the Smartstore Enterprise Edition.

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