Smartstore DXP Enterprise Composable Commerce OS - open source software for your business success
Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Smartstore DXP Enterprise Composable Commerce OS - open source software for your business success

Open source enterprise is currently more popular than ever. In fact, more and more companies are integrating open source software into their processes. Above all, the modular architecture and the associated high degree of extensibility and Individualization options are increasingly in demand and are replacing rigid monolithic online store systems more and more. The reason: Modularity means flexibility.

Traditionally, most open source initiatives are initiated by individuals or a smaller group who have a specific need or problem they want to solve. As a result, such software often has limitations in its use and is typically not suitable for use in companies and even less so for the enterprise segment. Less often succeeds projects of this kind to gradually grow into the enterprise realm, but for everyone else there is a solution.

The development of Smartstore into one of the leading providers of open source solutions

The SmartStore AG came into being 1999 from the 1995 founded Dortmund-based system house The first goal was to create a global e-commerce company based on open source. Thus, in the spring 2001 conceptually as well as organizationally the IPO on the 1997 newly created Neuer Markt of Deutsche Börse AG in Frankfurt. However, this plan was abandoned when Mid 2001 DG-Bank in Frankfurt decided not to initiate any further IPO's. 

However, Smartstore has remained true to the open source principle since the very beginning. From middle 2010 we have the topic Enterprise Open Source firmly anchored in our DNA. Today, the core team of engineers still bears full responsibility for the development of Smartstore drove. 

If you analyze open source projects of the past, you can see that they often grow to a certain size and then have to reinvent the architecture at a certain point. However, such a re-design is relatively costly, because it is naturally loses momentum and incurs high costs in the course of reimplementation (man costs for programming). 

Who should consider open source?

Basically, anyone can download, install or compile open source projects as well as use them in their current state via the upstream Repository. However, this does not add any real value to the project and may even entail certain risks bring. This differentiation between the enterprise open source model, which is supported by one vendor, and other open Source projects is critical when selecting software for your enterprise. Especially if it is a long-term and strategically important commitment is involved.

Smartstore presents the Smartstore Enterprise Edition as a hybrid licensing model. On the one hand proprietary, so NOT open source, and on the other side as Smartstore DXP Enterprise Composable Commerce Open Source, short "Smartstore Enterprise OS".     

Smartstore DXP Enterprise Composable Commerce OS is tested and hardened for your use

To get to the "Smartstore Enterprise OS" to belong, the products must be extensively tested, performance adapted, and proactively upgraded to security vulnerabilities. In addition, a security team is necessary to support you, along with Tools to respond to emerging security vulnerabilities, respectively. inform users about them and help them with the Provide troubleshooting.

ATTENTION: If you should find yourself on your own in terms of quality and safety issues, then it can't be around "Smartstore Enterprise OS" Act "Smartstore Enterprise OS" always provides a predictable lifecycle that is defined a priori and contains component information that can have different release cycles. 

From another aspect, you can see that it is indeed "Smartstore Enterprise OS"   the service level Agreements (SLA) and the support that is provided. Because the best certification is of no use to you if you then, in the event of problems. do not receive support.

          "Smartstore Enterprise OS" is designed for larger, internationally operating brands and retail companies and can be used on this Commerce Framework" is designed for larger internationally operating brands and trading companies. be understood. The mix of "Smartstore Enterprise OS" and Microsoft Visual Studio in conjunction with the Microsoft Azure Cloud opens up unimagined possibilities for an enterprise. 

          What means "Smartstore Enterprise OS"?

          • Implementation partners are available to provide support and service level agreements (SLAs)
          • These define what exactly will be supported and how quickly the customer will receive response and assistance can expect
          • In addition, materials and recommendations are issued to assist the customer in providing and Management of software, such as documentation, knowledge base articles and forums.
          "Smartstore Enterprise OS" as E-commerce platform

          The "Smartstore Enterprise OS" Platform is freely available as source code for developers and therefore also enables individually required customizations. The "Smartstore Enterprise OS" offers you scalability and flexibility in the Orders, Users, Catalog, Features, etc. and allows your company to use the platform in parallel with the Optimize and scale business requirements. 

          With the "Smartstore Enterprise OS" Edition you can also easily and quickly map individual requirements, such as Example Order Management, Business Intelligence, Marketplace, CRM, ERP or PIM resp. whatever you want, but without using the actual core of the software to touch.

          Open source but not free

          Our "Smartstore Enterprise OS" Edition you get from us open source, but not free of charge. Because with this edition contains everything we have ever created around Smartstore. Besides the source code, you also enjoy a response guarantee 7/24 (response time). This means that our Enterprise Support guarantees to process your support request within a maximum of 2 hours. In addition, you have a personal contact plus individual support incl. the direct extension to available. Of course, starting with Enterprise Commerce, you will also enjoy the full warranty and Liability.  

          Are you ready to get started?
          Then write to us or simply try Smartstore for free. 

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