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With the new version 4, Smartstore presents many new, innovative features in addition to many small and large improvements in usability and performance.

Media Manager

The new powerful and lightning-fast Media Manager provides centralized management for images, video, audio and other documents. All media files are clearly displayed and can be easily found and modified thanks to fast search and filter functions.

Rule Builder

Automate your workflows with the powerful rule system for visual business rule creation. Dozens of pre-defined instructions are available for this purpose. Use the dynamic rules for 1-to-1 marketing, automatic discounts, category assignments and more.

Personalized product recommendations

Provides customers with personalized product recommendations based on buying behavior and shop interactions in real time. Increase your conversion rate and sales through personalization.

Cookie Manager

The cookie manager follows the decision of the ECJ to obtain the active consent of website visitors by opt-in. Visitors are advised of the need for cookies and can change their settings at any time.

New rights management

The new permissions system provides granular, tree-based rights management based on customer groups. It supports inheritance to allow or deny entire permission ranges. This allows you to assign rights very precisely to specific roles.
Rights management
Personalized product recommendations
Cookie Manager
Rule Builder
Media Manager






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.NET Shopsystem

E-commerce can be this relaxed

Download, install, set up and get started. That's how easy e-commerce is with Smartstore. Easy to use, scalable and powerful, comprehensive CMS features, intelligent marketing tools, multishop, excellent SEO Ranking, globalization, 100% responsive with the highest standards designed front- and backend, Open code, open plug-in architecture and clean code.

  • Faster Than Others.
  • Free & Open Source.
  • Easy To Use.
Faster Than Others.
Free & Open Source.
Easy To Use.

First-class content management features

Smartstore offers a number of advanced features for easy and clear management of your content. With the powerful Smartstore Page Builder you can create exciting Shopping worlds simply by Drag & Drop in a WYSIWYG editor. The Menu Builder allows you to create completely customizable menu structures and to add your own pages and content. Create attractive content and put your product in the spotlight.

  • Page Builder Marketplace
  • Menu Builder
  • Own pages
  • Numerous widgets
  • Forum, Blog & News
  • E-Mail templates
  • Multilingual text elements
Page Builder
Multi language
Development with Smartstore

Ultimate .NET Commerce Platform

With Smartstore you become part of a rapidly growing international community. Smartstore is a powerful open source commerce platform based on the latest Microsoft technologies. The advanced developer tools and the robust, open architecture make it easy for you to meet your individual requirements.

  • Open Source
  • Scaleable
  • Microsoft Technology Stack
  • High code quality
  • State-of-the-art Web Technologies
  • Open plug-in architecture
  • Powerful theme engine with multi-level inheritance
  • RESTful Web API
SQL Server

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