Thursday, February 2, 2023

ChatGPT soon available in Premium

Open AI, a start-up from San Francisco, wants to offer the AI chatbot "ChatGPT", which is now known worldwide, in a paid premium version. This was reported today by the Handelsblatt. Due to strong popularity, the service was was temporarily unavailable or very slow in its responses. For $20 per month, customers are to get guaranteed premium access with faster response times and new features. Free access to ChatGPT for non-payers will remain.

The service is based on artificial intelligence and has been taught to mimic human speech using large amounts of text and data. Such systems also have great significance for commerce and a wide range of applications.

Microsoft is a partner of Open AI and plans to soon equip its second largest search engine, Bing, with an upgrade to ChatGPT (GPT-4). Open AI also plans to test a ChatGPT mobile app and a feature in the Dall-E image generator that will create videos using artificial intelligence. Microsoft also plans to integrate ChatGPT into the premium subscription of its Teams platform.

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