Ultimate .NET Commerce Platform

Smartstore is a powerful open source commerce platform developed on basis of newest Microsoft technologies. The advanced developer tools and the robust, open architecture make it easy for you to implement your individual solutions.

Smartstore für Entwickler

Open and extensible

Minimize risks with modular architecture.


Making business processes and procedures perfect.

Powerful Theme Engine

Quick and easy customizing.

State-of-the-art Frontend

Bootstrap, Sass, HTML5, CSS3, Liquid.

Open Source

As an open source commerce platform, Smartstore is completely open and transparent. Our code is hosted on GitHub. You can read the code and make your decisions based on what you see. This gives you great flexibility to extend the platform and adapt it to your own needs.

Microsoft Technology Stack

With ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, MS SQL Server, Domain Driven Design, IoC and its extremely modular architecture, Smartstore is the perfect commerce platform for .NET developers who are looking to implement specific requirements.

Visual Studio
SQL Server
.NET Framework

High code quality

Smartstore is one of the most popular and successful e-commerce solutions in the ASP.NET world, with a large international network of technology partners and a highly active developer community. This is no coincidence, because we do our best to write our code in a way that you can understand it at first go, even without lengthy training.

  • .NET Framework
  • Entity Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Visual Studio
  • C#
  • Azure
  • Autofac
State-of-the-art web technologies

Only the best in frontend

Web designers and (theme) developers can rely on us to use only the best in the frontend, with the absolute highest demand. You will feel at home immediately: The Smartstore frontend is based on Bootstrap and can be easily redesigned with the Razor template engine. Thanks to Sass, our CSS code is highly granular, both structurally and at the file level.

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Sass
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Liquid
@model IList<ProductVariantModel>

@using SmartStore.Web.Models.Catalog;

var attributes = Model.Where(x => x.ShouldBeRendered()).ToList();

<div class="pd-variants">
@foreach (var attribute in attributes)
<div class="pd-variant-item">
@{ Html.RenderPartial("ChoiceTemplates/Choice", attribute); }
.shopbar-light {
.shopbar-button {
color: $shopbar-color !important;
background-color: $shopbar-bg;

&:hover {
border-color: rgba(#000, 0.12);

&:active, .open &, .show & {
border-color: var(--primary);
background-color: var(--light);
box-shadow: inset 0 3px 5px rgba($darkblue, 0.125);
(function (factory) {
'use strict';
if (typeof define === 'function' && define.amd) {
], factory);
} else {
Theming made easy

Theme Engine

With multi-level inheritance

The Theme Engine, which we have designed specifically for Smartstore and have been enhancing for years, makes even fundamental theme adjustments a breeze. Themes, templates, assets (scripts, stylesheets and images) and even Sass variables are inheritable to any level. So you always change what you WANT to change and don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Please note that your changes to this template will not be saved and you will therefore see the original version of this message template in the preview.

Message templates

Highly customizable message templates, with master templates and Intellisense thanks to Liquid Engine

Modular software

Open plug-in architecture

The modular architecture of the Smartstore platform solves the risks associated with a monolithic approach. Change, replacement, expansion is possible without touching the program core thanks to open interfaces. Your code will be preserved in future updates and can be migrated with very little effort in extreme cases - e.g. in the case of breaking changes in the core.

Flexible Web API


Included in Community Edition from version 4

Integrate Smartstore in your business processes and applications and perfect your processes. Our powerful and yet very intuitive Web API based on the Microsoft Web API platform and OData provides read and write access to almost all program modules. A special user administration controls the access levels for external applications. And thanks to Swagger you have a comprehensive interface description available. Close your digital divide with an API-first strategy.

You'll never walk alone

With our Platinum Support you get direct support in the development of your domain-specific features.


Try Smartstore online or download the free Community Edition.