Smartstore Page Builder

Create fascinating shopping worlds

Take control of your content

No HTML or CSS knowledge required

Fully integrated with Smartstore

Create eye-catching content that leads customers on an emotional discovery tour through the shop and creates maximum buying incentives.
The WYSIWYG editor leaves nothing to be desired in regard to operation, design and flexibility and sets absolute standards in creative freedom.
The integration into the shop system promises the easiest content management... for a perfect symbiosis between emotional storytelling and offer.

This page was created completely with the Page Builder

We have created these and other pages in this demo shop completely with the Smartstore Page Builder. Without tricks and double bottom... promised!

Make shopping an inspiring experience for your customers

With the new Smartstore Page Builder you can create fascinating content from products, product groups, images, videos and texts. Design elements such as animations, transitions, gradients, hover effects, overlays and operation via the WYSIWYG editor leave nothing to be desired in regard to design and flexibility.

Adapts any theme

Focus on the contents. The rest is done by the Page Builder, which harmonizes perfectly with any theme by using colors, typography and other theme parameters.

Cutting-edge technology

On the end device the Page Builder uses the ingenious CSS Grid Layout feature. Compared to a proprietary grid system, CSS Grid offers significant performance and design advantages. The editor in the backend maps almost all CSS Grid functions.

All languages, all stores

Of course you can maintain all textual contents in all languages activated in the shop. And, of course, shopping worlds can be varied depending on the shop in multistore mode.
This form really doesn't make sense at this point, but we want to show, which design possibilities the Page Builder offers

Carefree updates

Unlike theme changes or completely custom themes, content created with the Page Builder is always migrated automatically with software updates.

Powerful grid system

Create a grid on which your content will be placed later. Specify the number of columns and rows and the cell spacing. You can define the column width and row height individually for each cell.

Selecting destination pages by menu

Simply select one or even more target pages from the menu to display your shopping world. You can also specify the exact placement by widget zone and define publication periods.

Responsive design: one story for all devices

Easily switch between all viewports - such as smartphone, tablet, desktop - and define the block arrangement for each individual viewport separately, if required; so that your story always cuts a perfect figure on every device and at every screen resolution.

Extensive library for content

Drag content blocks from the library to the grid. The block can be freely placed in the grid and can span any number of columns and rows. Blocks may also overlap, which means the greatest possible design freedom.

Effects at the touch of a button

Create effects at the touch of a button, like this background parallax effect.

Parallax Scrolling

Simulates spatiality or motion for background images or entire content blocks.


Hides a block when loading the page and only fades it in with an effect when scrolling


Rise: Rises a block, Scale: scales a block


Color masks for background images: Unicolors, as shading or as gradient. With options for intensity, size and direction.


Changes the transparency of background overlays on mouse hover.

Shades, Borders & Radius

With options for color, size and intensity.

Flat Boxes

Activates background, frame and shadow only when mouse hovering.


Enlarges a block so that it overlays other blocks or protrudes from the screen.

One simple story

In this introductory video, we will go into the basics of the Page Builder and build a simple story from the beginning. Simple operating concepts can thus be understood right away.

The text block in detail

In this video we will introduce one of the most important blocks of the Page Builder, the text block, in detail.

All blocks at a glance

In this introductory video, we briefly introduce all blocks of the Page Builder and show the most important general settings of the blocks.

Arranging Blocks

This video is about a basic operating concept when working with the Page Builder. We show in detail how to arrange blocks in the grid of a story and which tools are used for this.

Data binding

This video is about data binding with the Smartstore Page Builder. The data binding of products, product groups and manufacturers is explained in detail during the video, in the text block and in the image block.

The MVC Route Block

This video is intended for developers only. Here we briefly introduce the MVC Route Block.

Professional CMS
incredibly easy

Our tutorials on YouTube show you how easy it is to create great stories with Smartstore CMS Page Builder. Simply create great shop content with outstanding design elements and equally suitable for all end devices.