KOOMBA's customers are predominantly medium-sized (internationally operating) operating) trading companies. These companies are innovative and often sole distributors of several products or services. They have a vision of digital necessity, but often do not have do not have the specific technical know-how in-house. KOOMBA relieves these companies with adequate services and a high level of commitment and professionalism.

Due to the international nature of companies, language and currency are often important conditions. A customer usually has several webshops that focus on specific product categories, markets, Languages and or segments. Flexible and complete integration with the ERP system is also a very important condition. Most customers use SAP Business One, but there are also customers with other ERP systems. KOOMBA integrates these connections seamlessly. In addition to the webshop function, KOOMBA also provides an integrated B2B portal where the webshop user is provided with all kinds of additional information, such as Call-off orders, documents (invoices but also brochures), price lists, delivery information, certificates etc.

Case Study


The services of Koomba

We implement an online store based on Startstore and make a subsequent synchronization with SAP Business One.

The detailed process is as follows: In the first step, we conduct a requirements analysis of each customer. In doing so, we address each customer individually and talk through all steps, requirements, wishes and conditions together. Afterwards we present our creative Solutions and create a transparent offer for you.

We help you to optimize all business processes so that they are transparent and understandable for every employee, your business partners and customers are transparent and understandable.

We train you and/or your employees, explain everything in detail and accompany you hand in Hand to your desired results and thus your success.

Customer benefits

Since SAP Business One is a complex system, it is impossible to make blanket price proposals for all customers to make. Each customer has its own construction sites and its own requirements for the internal processes. We take the complex work off your hands and accompany you in the process of digitization of your company data.

The Vision

We map the current business processes, which are already created in the SAP system, in your online store. The right, clean start to digitization is a guarantee for the future success of of your business. All steps and sales processes are automatically synchronized without human intervention

KOOMBA's customers are predominantly medium-sized (internationally operating)

The Solution

Based on our many years of expertise and know-how, we have developed a "KOOMBA Connect" PlugIn developed.

KOOMBA Connect synchronizes SAP Business One with the start store. With the help of the PlugIn any complex sales processes can be mapped. User-defined tables (UDT) / fields (UDF) and objects in SAP B1 do not cause us any problems.

Our flexible and dynamic mapping system allows us to match any SAP B1 fields and objects with the Smartstore. Our solution makes it possible to create complicated data-based rules to control the synchronization processes even more precisely and to adapt them to your individual needs. Each synchronization process can be freely configured and executed at different time intervals (per process). No matter if SQL Server or SAP Hana, our software is a standalone synchronization and can work with both databases without any problems.

  • Company:
  • APG Europe
  • Industry:
  • Pharma
  • Project goal:
  • To provide predominantly medium-sized and internationally operating trading companies with adequate services for all aspects of e-commerce.
  • Technology:
  • Smartstore, SAP Business One
  • Smartstore Partner:
  • Koomba E-Commerce solutions and ERP integration
  • Smartstore Edition:
  • Premium
  • Project schedule:
  • 4 + 2 Months

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