In Turkey, clients demand customized designs for their websites rather than templates. In addition, most customers demand to control their e-commerce and marketplaces (such as Hepsiburada, Trendyol, etc.) to be controlled from one panel, to control their inventory online and simultaneously and also integrations such as accounting programs (auto-billing solutions). Our customers require IOS & Android application solutions that work simultaneously with their e-commerce stores. work. We also have international clients (UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, etc.) that require require various courier and payment integrations and for which we have developed custom software and backend coding developed. In addition, we have developed solutions for Workplace safety at AMCOR Flexibles Packaging to provide workflow and reporting for Safety measurements.

Case Study

Lemoon Creative

The services of Lemoon-Creative Agentur

The first thing our design team asks for is a design brief form that our clients fill out. We ask and need them to briefly specify their wishes and requirements in this form. specify. After the design of the website is completed, we need an approval from our client to proceed. After the green light we start with the code (frontend and backend parts) for the new website. If there is an integration (e.g. accounting program or marketplace integrations), we need to prepare our backend part in relation to these integrations. prepare. In addition, our customer relaVons department requests all the data from our customer (VIP service, if needed) and they do all the input and prepare the website ready for the sale. Lemoon Creative will also be responsible for the hosting and support of the new store be responsible (full service from one source).

Customer benefits

By switching to the Lemoon Creative store, the customer solves several challenges at once design solution (custom fit), performance enhancement (end customer), improved usability in the ordering process across multiple channels, integrations (marketplaces, accounting programs). At the same time, other business units of the company can be lifted onto the same platform so that all online stores can be operated within one system.

The Vision

The main goal is to increase the efficiency of the e-commerce store, both in sales and in the in the back office. E-commerce users can easily use new features (filtering, etc.) on the website. use. And also the e-commerce owner must be able to use his system easily. In addition, they can use XML integrations between their stores and control their inventory and even more, they don't need physical inventory and sell their products virtually.

The Solution

With its established Smartstore store technology, Lemoon Creative provided the client with a future-proof, scalable and powerful solution. With custom-fit design, easy-to-use admin panel and user-friendly websites, customers prefer Lemoon Creative's Lemoon Creative's infrastructure. With e-commerce and marketplace integration, customers also don't have to customers also don't have to worry about their inventory or product synchronization. Reports can be easily issued from the admin panel and customers can monitor their Monitor sales, inventory and other things.

  • Company:
  • Various
  • Industry:
  • Various
  • Project goal:
  • Customized designs and integration into existing and new internal processes and marketplaces
  • Technology:
  • Smartstore
  • Smartstore Partner:
  • Lemoon Creative
  • Smartstore Edition:
  • Any
  • Project period:
  • different, on average 20-25 working days

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