Case Study

Just Handelsgesellschaft LLLP

The services of Just Handelsgesellschaft LLLP

In its stationary wholesale Just Handelsgesellschaft GmbH & Co.KG distributes, among other things, standard parts and other screws, so-called C-parts and many thousands of other items. The already implemented ERP system SAP Business One has been in use for about 3 years. in use. The customer planned to use a webshop with a connection to its ERP system and had been looking for the right software partner to do so. searched.

Sydesoft GmbH came into question as a partner because it had already successfully carried out several tasks in the customer's ERP environment in the past.

Customer benefits

Through a very productive and efficient customer support of SmartStore AG and the flexibility of Sydesoft GmbH, the customer was supported on the highest level during the entire project phase and beyond. highest level of support throughout the project phase and beyond.

To ensure that the visit to the store does not end after searching for products and making a purchase, Smartstore also enables the creation and interactive presentation of content. This leaves a lasting impression on customers and can bind them to the company in the long term. In the case of Just Handelsgesellschaft GmbH & Co.KG, the company's own store has a screw dictionary thanks to the uncomplicated integration a screw encyclopedia.

The release of Smartstore 5, the world's fastest store system, allows companies to take their online store to the next level and set new standards in e-commerce.

The Vision

The individual store processes, such as ordering, order processing and shipping, should be as seamless as possible with the ERP system be connected. In addition, the ERP system had to be the leading system for master data maintenance in the store.

After the first meeting at the LogiMAT trade fair in Stuttgart, the two sides have known each other for several years. When working together with another store software provider, problems kept arising. Ultimately, Just Handelsgesellschaft GmbH went in search of a software manufacturer again.

However, time is not the only thing the company lost during this process. Due to a system error when the store was shut down, around 10,000 items no longer appeared. The result: a drop in sales and a huge crash in Google and SEO rankings.

The Solution

At this point, Sydesoft GmbH made contact and, in search of a solution, without hesitation brought Smartstore into the conversation. Since they had already dealt intensively with the webshop product of Smartstore AG, there was no doubt that this project was in good hands.

Using the already activated web-based service layer in SAP Business One, customer-specific fields were created and integrated into the Smartstore database. Synchronization of the two systems is automatic. The available Smartstore source code also enabled individual customizations in the web store. Thanks to .NET technology, the implementation was realized securely, quickly and easily.

  • Company:
  • Just Handelsgesellschaft LLLP
  • Industry:
  • Wholesale
  • Project goal:
  • Creation of a webshop with connection to SAP Business One
  • Technology:
  • Smartstore & SAP Business One
  • Smartstore Partner:
  • Sydesoft
  • Smartstore Edition:
  • Smartstore 4
  • Project period:
  • approx. 4 months in total

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