Kreiner impex has been selling sanitary products via the previous B2B webshop for several years. The shop system was getting on in years and was now to undergo a comprehensive relaunch. In addition to a new design for the front end, which was also optimised for the mobile ordering process, the back-end processes were also to be restructured and harmonised. Particularly for the increased volume of orders and product enquiries, the existing structures, including the ERP, were not powerful enough. With its new shop concept, Kreiner impex decided to meet customer needs even better and also optimise its own internal processes for the future.

Case Study

Kreiner impex

The services of TRUSTpact

In the first step, redundant item master data was consolidated with the AI of SOMS. At the same time, texts and media were examined for errors and malware and cleaned up or tasks were created for the specialist department. The concept of the existing article structures in the ERP (Navision) were adapted to the sales strategy in the new shop. SOMS supports this function so that the individual price determination does not burden either the processes in the shop or those in the ERP. TRUSTpact hosts SOMS and develops individual process optimisations.

Customer benefits

By switching to the shop, the customer solves several challenges at once: It accommodates the growth of online sales, increases performance and offers its customers improved usability in the ordering process across multiple channels. At the same time, other business units of the company can be lifted onto the same platform, so that all online shops can now be operated with one system.

The Vision

A shop with know-how. The aim is to make transparent which parts the articles consist of and, conversely, which parts are used in which articles. individual price queries for registered major customers and the relief of the ERP system through a consistently high performance of all business processes. high performance of all business processes. In addition, further business units and branches that have their own In addition, other business units and branches that have their own websites will have access to the same shop system in the future.

The Solution

With the professional shop technology Smartstore in combination with the standard Smartstore Order Management System (SOMS), the company TRUSTpact GmbH from Hagen provided the customer with a future-proof, scalable and powerful solution for the distribution of its articles. distribution of its articles. SOMS offers standardised interfaces for a cross-channel architecture and enables 24/7 synchronisation of the shop with the business management system. of the shop with the business processes (ERP, warehouse, logistics ...). For the individual integration, the For the individual integration, the integration professionals from TRUSTpact worked with the experts from Kreiner impex on the concepts of consolidation logic and synchronisation.

  • Company:
  • Georg Kreiner GmbH & Co.KG
  • Industry:
  • Sanitary products
  • Project goal:
  • Smartstore installation with connection to merchandise management and ERP systems
  • Technology:
  • Smartstore Order Management System (SOMS)
  • Smartstore Partner:
  • TRUSTpact
  • Smartstore Edition:
  • Smartstore 4 Enterprise
  • Project period:
  • 3 months

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