Premium Edition

The popular complete package for universal use in e-commerce

Smartstore Premium Edition includes all the features of the Professional Edition and adds advanced premium features such as Output Cache, Mega Search Plus, OpenTrans, BMEcat and the option to use Azure Blob Storage for media files. In addition, all plug-ins can be used in multishop operation without any restrictions.

Premium Edition
Mega Search Plus
Mega Search Plus

Sophisticated Search

Mega Search Plus adds key premium features to Mega Search, such as an advanced faceted search with any number of variants and specification attributes, search in localized data and use in multi-shop operations. In addition, access restrictions to product data are taken into account in the search.


Full support for data exchange

Smartstore implements common industry standards such as BMEcat, OpenTrans and Web API when importing and exporting data. BMEcat is virtually the standard exchange format for catalog data in industry and B2B commerce. With OpenTrans a integration to almost all merchandise management systems is possible. Individual applications can be fulfilled via the powerful Web API.

  • RESTFul Web API
  • BMEcat Im- & Export
  • Orders in OpenTrans format
Azure Blob Storage

Highly scalable cloud storage

Azure Blob Storage is a extreme durable and scalable cloud storage from Microsoft for large amounts of unstructured data such as images, videos, audio, documents, etc. Users and applications can access stored objects from anywhere in the world. The Smartstore Azure Storage module stores all media files in the cloud instead of on the local hard drive or database.

Maximum Performance

Output Caching

The Output Cache feature is a powerful performance tool that guarantees short reaction times and prevents the loading speed from slowing down at peak times (e.g. Christmas, or certain times in office supply shops, etc.) Depending on the amount of data and current workload, output cache will increase your shop speed by 2 to 50 times with active cache.

  • Extensive configuration
  • Donut Hole Caching
  • Automatic invalidity
  • Extensive statistics
Output Cache
Up to 80% less bandwidth

Tiny Image - Image optimization

Tiny Image achieves highest compression rates for your uploaded images and generated thumbnails and also offers WebP support. Up to 80% additional savings in file size are possible. Search engines will surely like this and mobile shop visitors even more. According to our experience, media files occupy by far the most storage space in a shop. Using the intelligent Tiny Image image compression you can offer your users a better network experience - especially on mobile devices.

Tiny Image 25
Tiny Image 0
Tiny Image 50
Tiny Image 75
Tiny Image 100
The all-round service package

Reduce costs with Premium Flat

Reduce costs sustainably with Premium Flat

Smartstore Premium Flat means versatility, productivity and planning reliability for you. Purchasing software has a large upfront cost. With a much lower initial cost, Smartstore Premium Flat includes all updates, as well as version updates, which are installed by us. Also covered is Platinum Support with a response guarantee of only four hours for tickets and support for in-house developments. Furthermore, access to all Premium & Marketplace plug-ins is free of charge.

  • Premium Edition
  • Platinum Support
  • Installation & Updates
  • Free major release updates
  • All Premium & Marketplace Plug-Ins
  • Low investment costs
  • Provides tax benefits
Smartstore mieten
Smartstore mieten

All Features

The Premium and Premium Flat Editions are suitable for demanding projects with high connectivity and performance requirements now and in the future.

  • OpenTrans-Format
  • BMEcat Im- & Export
  • Mega Search Plus
  • Output Cache
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Plug-Ins (Multishop-Operation)

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