Thursday, March 9, 2023

Bringing momentum to the industry with innovative solutions

Smartstore took part in the BARCODE RFID MOBILITY IT-Fair on Friday, March 3. The company's innovative software can digitalize and automate processes and workflows in various industries.

The event provided a great practical experience for Smartstore's sales and marketing colleagues, who have not been on board for so long. According to the local Smartstore team, exhibiting at the show was well worth it.

"Despite the fact that the opportunity came up on the spur of the moment at the end of last week, we had a great time at the show.
We were initially perceived as unusual in the field of attendees, but still had many great conversations and connections".

On the same day, Borussia Dortmund failed to advance in the Champions League against Chelsea FC. Nevertheless, Smartstore had a great time at the fair inside the German Football Museum in Dortmund together with its partner Walter Seibel from Sydesoft GmbH.

At the beginning of 2023, the company has set out to develop interface and software solutions for the industry. Smartstore is thus taking a further step towards diversifying its image as a simple service provider for online stores, having already increased its focus on local and regional retail. This is the result of the successful support of the "filling station of the future" project bk World last year and the announced closer cooperation with Automatenland GmbH, which manufactures innovative machines for the vending industry.

Smartstore would like to thank everyone who visited their booth, the entire team on site, and the organizers, AISCI Ident GmbH. The company looks forward to doing its part to further digitize and automate warehouse logistics, and to sharing more exciting stories and insights across industries.