Plug-in: e-commerce in Switzerland - get off to a flying start with PostFinance
Monday, September 4, 2023

Plug-in: e-commerce in Switzerland - get off to a flying start with PostFinance

If you operate your online store with Smartstore and would like to offer your customers the possibility to pay with PostFinance, please contact us. you are in the right place. In this blog post we will explain step by step how to use PostFinance as a payment method. in your Smartstore.

Step 1: Download from Smartstore Marketplace

The plugin PostFinance Payment you can get for free in our Smartstore Marketplace. Use the search function to find this for different Smartstore versions.

Make sure that the version of the plugin matches the version of your Smartstore shop. matches!

Step 2: Upload the plugin to your smartstore

Now log in to the backend of your smartstore. Under the tab Plugins you will get to the plugins via Plugins manage to the list, of all installed plugins, in your online store.

In the upper right corner you will see the button Upload Plugin. After you have clicked on this, you will be taken to an window where you can drag-and-drop the zip file you downloaded earlier.

Within moments, the plugin will appear in the list. After clicking on Install and the confirmation at Perform tasks PostFinance is part of your store.

You may have to click on the top right corner via Edit and Plugin list again load refresh their list so the plugin appears!

Step 3: Configurations in the backend

However, for PostFinance to work as a payment method, you still need to make a few settings. In the backend, go to the tab Configuration and select the option Payment types from.

In the list of available payment methods you should see PostFinance Checkout All-in-one or PostFinance Checkout Flex Find. Then click the gear icon next to the desired option and select Configure.

Step 4: Enter access data

Now you have to enter your Access data for the API Web Services of PostFinance enter. This is important information to establish the connection between your Smartstore and PostFinance. Enter these data carefully so that the payment processing works smoothly.

Step 5: Set up webhooks

After you have entered your access data, click on the button Add Webhooks. This is an important step, as webhooks ensure that your smartstore is automatically notified about payment transactions. So you can place orders and payments efficiently. The webhooks are automatically set up for you.

However, please make sure that the webhooks are also available in your PostFinance account area under Space > Features > Connect > Webhook are enabled. This is the only way to ensure smooth communication between your store and PostFinance is guaranteed.

Step 6: Activate payment method

After you have completed the configuration, return to the list of payment types. Here you should use the Payment method you have just configured. Enable this optionso that your customers can PostFinance as a payment method.

Step 7: Benefit from the checkout process with PostFinance

That's it! You have successfully set up PostFinance as a payment method in your Smartstore. Your customers can now conveniently use PostFinance and you can be sure that transactions are processed smoothly.

For payments with PostFinance, the primary currency in the store must be Swiss francs (CHF)!

We hope to have helped you with these instructions for setting up PostFinance in your Smartstore.

Do you have any further questions about the "Postfinance" plugin? Call us or send us an email. Our Smartstore Team will be happy to assist you personally!

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