Plug-in: Intelligent personalized product recommendations increase your profits several times
Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Plug-in: Intelligent personalized product recommendations increase your profits several times

Personalized product recommendations "powered by Smartstore" give your customers a compelling incentive to buy. 

To achieve higher click-through rates and better conversion rates in today's competitive marketplace, we need to go further than just offering personalized product recommendations - we need to offer predictive product recommendations.

Machine learning in e-commerce is the next big thing that every e-commerce company should embrace in order to win the heart of the customer. It helps personalize content and has the potential to increase engagement and conversions through predictive recommendations.

Personalized product recommendations in online stores are all the rage right now, and for good reason - they work

Who doesn't love a great recommendation? In e-commerce, personalized recommendations increase AOV (average order value) and conversion rates significantly. As Amazon has shown, user experience impacts the acquisition, retention and conversion of customers. The significant increase in e-commerce sales comes from the science of recommendation systems (also known as machine learning or artificial intelligence). Personalized product recommendations have become so commonplace among online retailers that their natural that their influence on consumers is unmistakable.

With our Personalized Product Recommendations plugin, we give your customers the best possible recommendation in real time.

We all know it by now, you visit an online store with thousands of products, but exactly the right product that meets my needs doesn't exist and why not? Quite simply, the offer is overwhelming.

If you're on Amazon's level, you could get closer to the goal by analyzing billions of records that are spread over 22 years. But what if you don't have Amazon's resources?

With our Personalized Product Recommendations plugin, we give you exactly the recommendation engine you need in order to provide your customers with a customized, personalized experience.

Features of Personalized Product Recommendations

  • Analyzes product, brand and category interactions of the customer 
  • .
  • Determines customized products that match the customer's interests 
  • Replaces product recommendations on the home page dynamically and seamlessly with personalized product recommendations 

Configuration options:

  • Customizable thresholds (weighting) for recommendation 
  • Customizable weighting ratios for 
  • Groups of goods 
  • Manufacturer 
  • Products 
  • Tags
  • period

Customizable sorting of recommendations by:

  • Best suitability 
  • Discount  
  • Price  
  • Bestseller 
  • Upselling (+price limits)

The Smartstore Personalized Product Recommendations plugin is a proprietary development by SmartStore AG for the Smartstore E-Commerce Software and is included in the Smartstore Premium Flat, furthermore the plugin is available via the Smartstore Marketplace for purchase.

Do you have any questions about Personalized Product Recommendations or would like to give us feedback? You can reach us via the contact form, by email at or by phone from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at +49 231 5335 0. 

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