Plug-in: Offer downloadable PDF data sheets with "File Manager"
Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Plug-in: Offer downloadable PDF data sheets with "File Manager"

Brochures for refrigerators, washing machines or industrial pumps, the technical data sheet for an electronic component or even safety information, reports, certificates: useful documents are available from original manufacturers or internal departments that encourage a purchase decision and support interested parties in their search for information.

These documents should be easily available in the shop.

Previously, such a data sheet download on the article was only feasible through your own programming or laborious workarounds. Some shop operators manually set links to PDFs in the article long text.

Not a good practice, because with a lot of articles, data sheets and movement in the offers, the data maintenance for the shop operator should be done quickly and highly automated!

A standard solution is now available for all Smartstore shops from version 4.1.1: the “FileManager” from Object Creator.

PDF-Document-Tab in Smartstore

FileManager Features

With the new FileManager plug-in, shop operators can easily assign documents to products.

These documents are then displayed in the shop front end in a separate tab on the product detail page.

  • An unlimited number of freely definable tabs can be created for the product detail page.

  • The data sheet PDFs and of course other document formats such as Word documents or Excel tables appear under the article image gallery.

  • The shop customer can then easily download their PDFs with a click. A registration in the shop is not necessary.

  • The assignment of documents takes place conveniently in the product management of the admin area, just as shop operators are used to with product images. The convenient media manager (from 4.0 Professional Edition) is available here.

  • A data sheet can also be available in several shop articles. The shop manager only has to upload it once.

  • For the purpose of simple data maintenance, documents can also be assigned to articles en masse via Product import. Thousands of article PDFs are quickly up to date.

More sales opportunities for shop owners

Firstly, there is the SEO aspect. Search engines love documents. Of course, the content contributes to the shop ranking. Because the landing page is the article detail page and great, relevant content in the form of PDF and other useful documents pays off. The chance of good listings on Google and Co. increases.

Smartstore shop operators have even more options for providing customers with information, in addition to the existing Smartstore 4.1-Features such as the new streaming videos in the product image gallery and the Page Builder-Designs on the product detail page.

With the extended rights system, which has been available as standard since Smartstore 4.0, access to products, product pages and thus the presentation of the document downloads can be easily limited to any customer group, for example “resellers”. This is an interesting feature for B2B shops, wholesalers or shops that would like to present themselves a little more exclusively with a “VIP area”.

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