Thursday, September 22, 2022

Plug-in: Smartstore Online Translator - Address the entire world with just one click in your online store

Usually, online translators have many limitations. They often only work word by word, take linguistic contexts out of context, affect the HTML-code and are often very expensive for operators of large online stores. No matter how many products. With the „Smartstore Online Translator” you can easily translate your complete portfolio into almost any language. And best of all, your HTML formats and designs are preserved.

Speak the language of your customers

Smartstore Translator allows you to create language resources and language packs for any language, expanding your customer base. This includes glossaries and text collections. Store operators, however, only need to use one language when setting up a store.

The rest is done by the plugin automatically.

Message templates, for example mails for order confirmations, are also translated by the plug-in. By translating all message templates, all email correspondence from the store to the customer is done in exactly the language in which the customer went to checkout.

This demo store was translated using the new Smartstore Online Translator plug-in:

The "Smartstore Online Translator" also automatically adds the supplementary language resources to other plug-ins from Smartstore or third-party providers. Even right-to-left languages are no problem.

Automatic text correction and improvement:

In addition, it is possible to translate all languages available in Deepl from a foreign language back to the source language. This ensures that spelling and grammatical errors are eliminated and wording is improved.

The use of the plugin requires an own Google Translate or Deeple account. Linking your own Deepl and or Google Translate account, in the store backend, allows access to over 100 languages into which a store can be translated.

Cost savings through smart buffering

When translating HTML-content, the „Smartstore Online Translator” is also easy on the wallet. This is done by the plug-in only providing a translation for the text content and metadata in the code. By recognizing recurring sentences and phrases, multiple translations are avoided and again costs are saved.

In short: the plug-in is built like its own dictionary.

If an HTML document would be translated completely so that no errors occur in the code, then one would have to pay all characters shown in the screenshot. However, the plugin only sends the yellow framed content to the translation-APIs.

Impressive advantages: Also for developers

The smooth translation runs even if the store is adapted to the individually preferred look with the help of the page builder. The corresponding designs are retained without destroying the syntax and HTML or script code. The same also applies to independently created product description display. Plugin developers can also use the translation plugin to generate their system and interface texts in all languages:

  • Interface elements
  • Content:
    • Products and product descriptions
    • Product groups and menu structures
    • SEO metatags
    • Email-correspondence
    • Smartstore and third-party plugins
    • PageBuilder projects
    • CMS pages
    • ContentSlider elements
    • and complex HTML and script content

Regardless of the size of the store, store owners of any size can benefit from the Smartstore Online Translator. The plug-in will be available for Smartstore versions 4.2 to 5.0.

Do you have any questions about the „Smartstore Online Translator”? Or would like to send us your feedback? If so, you can reach us via the contact form, e-mail us at or call us from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at +49 231 5335 0.

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