Tips & Tricks: Publish free store products in Google Shopping
Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Tips & Tricks: Publish free store products in Google Shopping

In this blog post, you will learn about the requirements for publishing the so-called "Free Listings" on Google Shopping.

What are Free Listings on Google?

Up until the end of last year, Google Shopping account owners had to pay to have their products displayed in Google Search or the Shopping tab for matching product searches. With "Free Listings" now available, organic results are displayed below paid product ads.
As with normal ads, the first positions are reserved for paid placements.

Example of a search query:
The first line shows the sold product ads and the second line shows the organic hits (free listings).


The "Free Listings" are displayed in different Google areas. These include the search results page, the shopping tab and the image search. Depending on the placement, Google has different requirements that must be met in order for the product ads to be displayed by Google.


To publish your store products you need a Google Merchant account:

The store products can be transferred with the "Google Merchant Center Feed" plug-in included in Smartstore.

Within the product details, the Google specific requirements can be defined. In addition, you can determine if the product should be exported to the Google Merchant Center Feed.

 The created feed can be transferred to the Google Merchant Center account both automatically and manually.

You can find detailed instructions about the Google Merchant Center feed under the following link:

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