Tips & Tricks: Rule Builder and customer-specific shipping, payment methods and discounts in Smartstore 4
Thursday, November 26, 2020

Tips & Tricks: Rule Builder and customer-specific shipping, payment methods and discounts in Smartstore 4

Not every customer should see the same shipping or payment methods. For example, there are depending on the delivery country different shipping or payment options.

Shop operators who have been working with Smartstore for a long time already know the extended setting options for the selection of shipping methods, Selection of payment methods and customer-specific discounts. There are extensive changes for this in Smartstore 4.

This is new: These three settings now run via the Rule Builder

Restrictions for the three areas of shipping type display, payment type display and discount offer are now in the new Rule Builder set.

Whereas previously filters for shipping and payment options were only possible using an extra plugin , filtering now works out-of-the-box in all editions, without that a plugin is required. And discounts get more flexibility.

The new Rule Builder is already available in the free Community Edition included, and even open-source in our Github.

With the Rule Builder, many shop-specific features can also be implemented in a simple way. As easy as creating a formula in Excel.

This saves the shop operator time and money, because now he can create an ad-hoc rule and run it directly in the shop.

Rule Builder

What should you watch out for when switching to Smartstore 4?

Automatic migration: When upgrading older shops to Smartstore 4, shipping type filters, payment type filters and the discounts that have already been created are automatically adopted. During the installation, they are rewritten to Rule Builder conditions. In this case, shop owners can simply lean back and do nothing.

However, if you want to change something in your settings, in the case of restrictions, filters and the like, use the rule builder. Take a look at the following videos.

This is how it's done

Here we show you a few examples how the structure in Rule Builder actually works.

All videos about the rule builder in one playlist

Set the filter for the shipping method display in the checkout

Set the filter for the payment method display in the checkout

Set rules for discounts

Further possibilities

You can create complex conditions in the Rule Builder. More on this in this video and Blog post .

The Smartstore Rule Builder Plugin is an in-house development of SmartStore AG for the Smartstore e-commerce software and is included in Smartstore Premium Flat Edition with full technical support.

Do you have any questions about Rule Builder or would you like to give us feedback? You can reach us via Contact form , by email to or by phone from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on +49 231 5335 0.

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