B2B-Demo Shop

In this demo store we would like to demonstrate B2B features based on Smartstore Enterprise Edition.

  • Order authorizations
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Email Reminder
  • Direct Order
  • File Manager
  • Commerce Connector
  • Depending Prices
  • Form Configurator
  • Order Number Formatter
  • Geo Blocker
  • SearchLog
  • ShopConnector
  • WebAPI
  • Rights management
  • Rulebuilder
  • BMEcat & OpenTrans
  • Punchout Connect per OCI & cXML

This B2B demo store represents only a subset of all features of the Smartstore Enterprise Edition. More info on the Smartstore Enterprise Edition can be found here.

Smartstore on Smartphone
B2B Demo

Welcome to Smartstore Enterprise Edition B2B Demo Store

In this demo store we would like to demonstrate essential B2B features based on the Smartstore Enterprise Edition. Among other things, it will cover topics such as procurement, search, import and export of data, visualization of data.

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