Guest article: Online marketing of configurable products
Monday, May 22, 2023

Guest article: Online marketing of configurable products

The ability to customize products and tailor them to the customer's needs offers companies a unique sales opportunity. In this article, we will show how configurators can be beneficial in online marketing and digital sales, and how technologies such as 3D product displays and augmented reality (AR) can enhance the customer experience. We will also look at the Smartstore Shop, a user-friendly e-commerce system that is ideal for selling configurable products.

Configurators in online marketing and digital sales

In today's market environment, customers are looking for products that are perfectly tailored to their individual needs. Configurators offer companies the opportunity to fulfill this desire and offer customized products. These individual customization options create added value for customers and enable companies to stand out from the competition. In the field of online marketing, configurators open up the opportunity for companies to develop targeted campaigns that cater precisely to customers' individual needs and preferences.

In digital sales, configurators enable customers to design their own products online, calculate prices and place orders. These interactive tools not only reduce the administrative burden for companies, but also increase customer engagement and boost customer satisfaction.

3D product displays and augmented reality

An appealing product presentation is crucial for success in online sales. 3D product displays allow customers to view products from different perspectives and get a realistic picture of appearance and functionality. This immersive experience can help increase sales and reduce returns. But it doesn't stop there: augmented reality (AR) opens up a new dimension by allowing customers to visualize products in their real-life environment. For example, a customer can see how a configured piece of furniture would look in their own living room. AR strengthens trust in the product and positively influences the purchase decision.

The K3 Configurator

Smartstore Shop is the ideal e-commerce system for companies that want to offer configurable products. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive operation, it is easy to present and sell individualized products online. With over a hundred customizable variables, companies can design their online store down to the smallest detail and provide a seamless user experience on all devices, from desktop PCs to smartphones. ObjectCode K3 is the perfect complement to create a configurator and integrate it into the Smartstore Shop without much development effort. With the K3 configurator, product features can be easily captured and validity rules defined. Thanks to practical 3D representations and dynamic price calculation, K3 is considered the leading configurator system.

Jörg Viola, Managing Director of ObjectCode, expresses his enthusiasm about the partnership with Smartstore: "We are delighted to be working with Smartstore. Our goal is to offer companies with complex products simple solutions for their e-commerce presence. The combination of Smartstore and K3 is a perfect example of this!"

Marketing configurable products online offers companies an outstanding opportunity to stand out from the competition and offer their customers individual products. Through the targeted use of suitable configurator and store systems, as well as their seamless integration, this is possible today without much effort. Immerse yourself in this exciting world and experience how the power of customization and innovation can take your company to unimagined heights.


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