Black Friday: utilising sales strategies correctly
Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Black Friday: utilising sales strategies correctly

Black Friday is just around the corner, and it's time to prepare for a successful sales season. In this article, we will explore some tips and tricks to make the most out of Black Friday 2023 with Smartstore. From personalized product recommendations to email reminders, we have everything prepared for you. So, let's dive in and discover how you can boost your sales during this festive season.

The Rise of Singles Day and Pre-Black Friday Deals

Black Friday has long been known as the day when shoppers can find incredible deals and discounts, marking the official start of the holiday shopping season eagerly awaited by consumers worldwide. While the allure of Black Friday remains strong, it's important to note that the days leading up to this shopping frenzy offer significant opportunities for both online and offline retailers.

In recent years, retailers have started leveraging the popularity of Singles Day, which takes place on November 11, and the days before Black Friday. These pre-Black Friday deals are gaining momentum as savvy shoppers aim to secure the best bargains before the official Black Friday rush. Therefore, it is crucial for retailers to strategically plan their actions and attract the attention of early birds.

"Black Friday" is no longer the only major sales day of the year. The addition of the "Cyber Monday" on November 27, originally in response to the rise of online competition for brick-and-mortar stores in the USA, has become prominent. But deals aren't limited to just Friday and the following Monday; they extend throughout the weekend in between and the entire week after, known as "Black Week" from November 20 to 27. The "Cyber Week" takes place from November 27 to December 3.

The Entire November Counts

While Black Friday is undoubtedly a significant shopping day, it's important to recognize that the entire November offers valuable opportunities. Retailers are increasingly extending their promotions throughout the month to accommodate the budget constraints and buying preferences of their customers.

Traditionally, November is the month when employers distribute Christmas bonuses, and consumers eagerly await these additional funds for Christmas shopping.

The Power of Early-Bird Shopping

As the holiday season approaches, consumers start their research and planning early. Criteo's data shows that shoppers begin searching for Black Friday deals at least two weeks before the actual event. This early-bird shopping behavior provides retailers with a golden opportunity to capture the attention of potential customers and secure sales.

Aligning your marketing campaigns with this consumer behavior can help you reach customers throughout the entire month and maximize your sales potential.

To leverage early-bird shopping, it is crucial to be proactive in your marketing efforts. Start promoting your Black Friday deals early and entice customers with exclusive previews and sneak peeks. By creating a sense of urgency and excitement, you can encourage early purchases and build anticipation for the main event.

Set Realistic Expectations

In this era of rising inflation, managing customer expectations regarding discounts and savings is crucial. While shoppers hope for significant discounts, it's essential to find a balance between attractive offers and profitability.

By carefully analyzing your pricing strategy and identifying products with higher profit margins, you can offer appealing discounts without compromising your profitability.

According to a pricing study by Idealo, the average discount during Black Friday in the past was about six percent. While double-digit discounts are possible, retailers should be prepared to meet customer expectations while considering their own profitability.

Utilizing Smartstore for Black Friday Success

Smartstore offers a range of features and plugins to maximize your sales during the Black Friday frenzy. Let's take a closer look at some selected tools you can use to attract new customers and boost conversions.

Bundle Products

During Black Friday, product bundling in online shops offers clear benefits. Customers not only save costs but also time as they can purchase multiple products in one package. The attractive bundled prices create incentives, while cross-selling promotes the connection of related products. Additionally, product bundling increases the average cart value, allowing for an effective win-win situation for both consumers and retailers.

Tips and tricks in this area can be found in our blog post Successful Product Bundling in E-Commerce.

Email Reminder Plugin

A handy tool at your disposal is the Email Reminder Plugin. This plugin allows you to contact potential customers who have shown interest in your products but haven't made a purchase yet. By sending personalized email reminders, you can encourage these potential buyers to revisit your store or complete the purchase of filled shopping carts.

Personalized Product Recommendations

Another effective strategy is to use the Personalized Product Recommendations plugin. This plugin analyzes real-time shopping behavior and preferences to offer customers tailored product suggestions. By replacing generic products on the homepage with personalized recommendations, you can significantly enhance the shopping experience and increase the likelihood of conversions. The Personalized Product Recommendations plugin is a valuable resource for any Smartstore shop owner, and its seamless integration ensures a smooth user experience.

Why a high degree of personalization is important in an online shop and further ways to successfully address your customers individually are explained in our blog post The Art of On-Site Personalization.

Mega Search

Using the Mega Search Plugins in online shops brings crucial advantages. In online shops with an extensive range and deep product catalog, conventional search functions often reach their limits. An efficient, fast, and intelligent search is therefore crucial for success. Customers who cannot find the desired item quickly and effortlessly tend to leave the site and switch to another provider. Mega Search solves this problem through intelligent, fault-tolerant, and fast full-text search across millions of products. Lucene's technology not only enables lightning-fast results but also filters out unwanted hits. Thus, Mega Search contributes to improving the shopping experience and ensuring that customers can find the desired products quickly and accurately.

The Power of Utilizing Videos

Video marketing continues to gain importance and is expected to play a significant role in the upcoming festive season. According to Criteo, about half of all buyers are more willing to purchase products they have seen in video ads. To leverage this trend, Smartstore offers easy integration of videos into your online shop.

In addition, Smartstore allows you to seamlessly integrate videos into your product image gallery. This feature enables you to present your products in a more engaging and informative manner. Whether it's a product demonstration or customer testimonial, videos can significantly enhance the shopping experience and strengthen customer trust.

Plan Ahead and Stay Competitive

To be successful in this and future Black Fridays, it is crucial to plan ahead and stay competitive. Consider key strategies to make the most out of this shopping frenzy.

Carefully plan your pricing strategy to find a balance between attractive offers and profitability!

Do you have further questions on how to effectively utilize Black Friday or the upcoming holiday season for your business? Call us or send us an email. Our Smartstore team is ready to assist you personally!


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