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Product Management

  • Easy creation of products and product groups
  • Unlimited number of products and product categories
  • Direct input of multilingual product and product group designations and descriptions
  • Inventory management also via variants
  • Product prices with promotion price, price on request and price suggestion
  • Basic price calculation according to PAnGV
  • Scale prices
  • Discounts with discount types, vouchers, time settings and requirements
  • Product pictures with magnifier function and full screen slider (unlimited number), Product videos
  • Products can be assigned to an unlimited number of product groups
  • Cross-selling function with automatic mutual allocations
  • Checkout-Selling
  • Differentiated product variant system including cross-product attribute management
  • Products can be limited to shops in multishop operation
  • HTML editor for product group descriptions
  • Group products
  • Product-Bundles
  • PDF export of products in a brochure exclusive from Professional Edition
  • XML and CSV export of products exclusive from Professional Edition
  • Linked products
  • Variants with images and colors as selector
  • Drag & Drop product group management
  • Products - Reviews
  • Products - Variants
  • Products - Product comparison
  • Products - "Similar products" or "this might also interest you" lists
  • Products - "Last viewed" list
  • Subscription products
  • Digital products and services including taxation according to EU Directive 2008/8/EG
  • Multishop function (one database - several shops)
  • Product groups Limited to shops
  • Automatic marking of new products in the shop
  • Buy button can be hidden in lists
  • HTML editor for product descriptions
  • Alternative links for categories (to product, product group, manufacturer, page, file, URL)
  • Specification attributes including filter options
  • Recurring payments for e.g. subscription products
  • Verpackungs-Einheiten
  • Dimensions and weights configurable
  • Discount types as related to products, categorizing, subtotal, shipping costs and total
  • Percentage discount
  • Discount as fixed amount
  • Discount can be limited in time
  • Discount per voucher code
  • Restriction of the use of the discount (unlimited, n times or n times per customer)

Sale & Processing

  • Customer group-related prices via discounts
  • Partial delivery of orders
  • Adaptation of the order totals possible
  • Delivery status incl. tracking number
  • Adding items to the order manually
  • Order notes document the progress of the order
  • Cross-Selling
  • Checkout-Selling
  • Discounts and discount requirements

Payment & Gateways

  • Accarda purchase on account / payment by instalments
  • Amazon Pay
  • easyCredit
  • heidelpay
  • ipayment Marketplace
  • paydirekt Marketplace
  • PAYONE Payment Marketplace
  • PayPal
  • PostFinance Payment Marketplace
  • Santander Payment Solutions
  • Skrill Payment Processing
  • SOFORT Überweisung Marketplace
  • VIVEUM Payment Servive Marketplace


  • VAT calculation according to country or region
  • Display of prices incl. or excl. value added tax depending on country / region

Customers & Users

  • Cookie Manager handles user cookies by opt-in
  • GDPR compliant
  • EU Cookie Directive
  • Consent to data processing in all relevant forms
  • Customer groups allow different settings, access restrictions and discounts for a selection of customers
  • Facebook Authentication
  • Guest access (Anonymous checkout)
  • "My account" account administration
  • Customer account - Address administration
  • Customer account - order management
  • Customer account - Administration of downloadable products
  • Kundenkonto - Benachrichtigung, wenn Produkte verfügbar sind


  • The powerful Rule Builder enables the automation of workflows through the visual creation of business rules
  • Personalized product recommendations individually for each customer based on purchase behavior and shop interactions Marketplace
  • Powerful rule system for visual business rule creation
  • Links to social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Product reviews
  • Partner programs
  • Create and execute newsletter campaigns directly in the shop
  • VAT-free shopping
  • Customer groups
  • Current shopping cart and wish list
  • Generate order on behalf of the customer
  • Balance account
  • Badges with text like "New" or "Sold out
  • Surveys - multilingual, schedulable, multihop capable
  • Wish list with "tell a friend" function, list URL for forwarding and the possibility to put the desired product directly into the shopping cart
  • Bonus points respectively reward system
  • Customer evaluations according to order value, number of orders, shipment or payment status
  • Affiliate-Marketing
  • Gift vouchers
  • PowerBi Enterprise Edition
  • MailChimp gateway (synchronization of newsletter subscribers)
  • Search Log - Logs search queries from customers in the shop Marketplace

Content Management

  • Media Manager: centralized management of all media files exclusive from Professional Edition
  • Edit pages and content and create new ones
  • News articles with RSS, start and end date and comment function
  • Creating and changing menus with the Menu Builder
  • CMS Page Builder - Content Management / Shopping Worlds / Stories without coding Marketplace
  • Order confirmation with PDF attachment
  • Order completion with PDF attachment
  • Mega Menu with beautiful menu layouts, badges, backgrounds, images and HTML code exclusive from Professional Edition
  • Contentslider for homepage and product groups exclusive from Professional Edition
  • PDF export of orders and addresses
  • OpenTrans Export from Premium Edition
  • XML & CSV Export from Professional Edition


  • Support for both writing directions
  • Multilingual designations and descriptions
  • Multilingual SEO settings for each product group
  • Multilingual SEO settings for each product
  • Translation platform for existing and new languages
  • Limitation of billing and/or shipping address for each country
  • Integrated resource editor to edit language resources
  • Currency management with online rate update
  • Automatic conversion of prices into currencies
  • Adding additional languages
  • Plugins can be configured individually for each shop exclusive from Premium Edition
  • Any number of regions or states for each country
  • Calculation of shipping costs depending on the country/region of the delivery address


  • Topic URLs
  • Google Analytics
  • "Talking" SEO-friendly URLs
  • Global metadata and product and product group specific metadata
  • SEO language settings with lang TAG and SEO code as virtual folder for language
  • Optimized display for mobile devices
  • Numerous product feeds e.g. on GMC
  • Content via news & blog function
  • Multilingual SEO settings
  • XML Sitemaps
  • ALT tags for images, per Media Manager from Professional Edition
  • Tiny Image: intelligent image compression incl. WebP for boosted image SEO from Premium Edition


  • Product-Tags
  • Integrated (simple) search function
  • Mega Search. Amazon-like, high-speed, Lucene based intelligent and reliable search exclusive from Professional Edition
  • Mega Search Plus extends Mega Search with localized data and multi-storage and access restrictions for products and product groups exclusive from Premium Edition
  • Filter navigation and facetization in search results exclusive from Premium Edition


  • Geo Blocker restricts shop access by country or IP address Marketplace
  • Granular tree-based permission management (ACL) of customer groups with inheritance support to allow or deny entire permission ranges
  • Honeypot function for registration and contact form
  • IP-based access restriction for the Admin section
  • Captchas on all interaction pages
  • Encryption of sensitive data per private key
  • Menu control via access list
  • Access restrictions for customers to products, product groups and pages
  • SSL support


  • Asset bundling (of JS and CSS files) to speed up page rendering
  • Output Cache: Intelligent method for extremely short loading and reaction times exclusive from Premium Edition
  • The Redis plugin enables the use of Smartstore in a web farm including load balancing. exclusive in Enterprise Edition
  • Azure BLOB - stores media files and thumbnails in the Microsoft Azure BLOB Storage Cloud exclusive from Premium Edition
  • Tiny Image intelligently compresses images to reduce the file size by up to 80% exclusive from Premium Edition

Import & Export

  • CSV (orders, manufacturers, customers, newsletter subscribers, products, product groups, shopping carts) from Professional Edition
  • XML (orders, manufacturers, customers, newsletter subscribers, products, product groups, shopping carts) from Professional Edition
  • PDF catalogue from Professional Edition
  • CSV export of customers, products, product groups and newsletter subscribers from Professional Edition
  • Shop Connector enables data exchange with one or more Smartstore shops simultaneously and in both directions
  • Export of product data in BMECat 1.2 XML format from Premium Edition
  • Export of order data in OpenTrans XML format from Premium Edition

Design & Theming

  • Create exciting and impressive content via "drag & drop" with the Page Builder Marketplace
  • Theme manager with preview, import and various configuration options of themes
  • Responsive design for perfect SEO ranking and strong performance on any device
  • Import and export of themes in XML format
  • Preview function for themes in live operation
  • Different themes possible for each multishop
  • Professional Design templates
  • Dashboard with charts


(from) {x} Edition
Feature is already included in Edition, but can also be purchased independently from Edition in the Marketplace.
exclusive (from/in) {x} Edition
Feature is exclusively included in Edition and can not be purchased separately.
Feature can be purchased or downloaded free of charge from the Marketplace regardless of the edition used.

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